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S6 Ep9: My Melanin Talks #014- Discipline
March 20, 2022

Ciarra talk’s discipline and having the discipline to accomplish goals and achievements.

S6 Ep7: My Melanin Talks #013- Value
March 06, 2022

Ciarra talks value and how social media has misconstrued the value of the modern day world and the people living in it.

S6 Ep6: My Melanin Talks #012- Toxicity
February 20, 2022

Ciarra talks about how toxicity has destroyed relationships and how they effect us.

S6 Ep5: My Melanin Talks #011- Purpose
February 06, 2022

Ciarra talks about the lost and gain of purpose and ways to find your life’s purpose.

S6 Ep4: My Melanin Talks #010- Lifestyle
December 05, 2021

Ciarra asks the question of “what kind of lifestyle do you want to have?

S6 Ep3: My Melanin Talks #009- Materialism
November 21, 2021

Ciarra explains the difference between the feeling of material objects and asks whether or not it’s a necessity or a desire.

S4 Ep15: Millennial Talks 001- Dave Chapelle, Gabby Petitio, R-Kelly, MillennialCON +More
October 25, 2021

The Millennials reunite for a brand new episode of 'Millennial Talks' The Crew Are Discussing Dave Chapelle, Gabby Petitio, R-Kelly as well as MillennialCON. Stream Exclusively at MillennialTalk,us

S6 Ep2: My Melanin Talks #008- Influence
October 24, 2021

Ciarra goes in detail about the power of influence. She asks the question of how black contributors have been discredited, while others thrive.

S6 Ep1: My Melanin Talks #007- Social Media
October 11, 2021

Ciarra explains the use of social media and how we’ve used our platforms. But asks the question of how it has helped us and harmed us.

S5 Ep6: My Melanin Talks #006- Home
August 18, 2021

Ciarra discuss the love of home and where home is for you. Who will be our Coco Club king and queen? She also talks about traditions when it comes to your family.