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I HATE Wearing a Mask! – mdw349
July 08, 2020

Let me know if you see this text and where. Otherwise, enjoy the show!

March 59th, 2020 Groundhog Day – MDW348
April 29, 2020

A lunchtime update mostly about being home and locked down. I talk about; PoliticsDrugsTVWorkZoom MeetingsHam RadioGas Prices All the things going on here.

Due to Recent Events in the News – MDW347
March 31, 2020

photo credit Jim Farley - Just a mini-rant / update from the Bunker at Mike Dell's World Studios in Traverse City Michigan.  Talking about censorship and other things due to the "Recent events in the news". -   -

Truckers, Restaurant Workers, eNASCAR and Airlines with a Guest – MDW346
March 22, 2020

Click on image for more info - Did this sort of live via Zoom.  Had Shawn Thorpe ( shawn.mx ) drop by and we had a great talk about the issues with the current situation with Trucker, Restaurants and the Airlines among other things. -

Why Toilet Paper? – MDW345
March 15, 2020

Why are people hoarding Toilet Paper?   I don't know.   BUT it is happening. - Check out this article from Time Magazine  - I talk about the COVID-19 outbreak and some of the things to think about and wonder about.    I have no "FACTS".

Daylight Waisting Time – MDW344
March 08, 2020

My thoughts on Daylight Saving Time: Leave it on DST year around Later Sunrise right now sucks Dogs can't figure it out - TV Networks Greedy or Stupid?  Same with Newspapers. - Ham Radio APRS stuff - Track me on APRS here:

Website Updates and Rants – MDW343
March 02, 2020

I talk about the website hosting and some of the issues I have been having over the last few months.    (see Blog post here) - Otherwise things are going well in the Northwoods!

Old-School Podcasting and Health Focus – MDW-342
February 21, 2020

A bit more of a health focus in our household. Kathy and I are doing "intermittent fasting" I need to get some weight back off.  I lost 30 pounds last year and put 15 back on. Doing some more walking, biking and general activity.

They said it couldn’t be done but yet here it is – MDW341
February 11, 2020

Quick phone update. Hope the sound doesn’t suck too badly :)

More Simplification Talk – MDW340
February 09, 2020

Update from an easy chair in a snow storm in Northern Michigan. - Simplifying things that have become a personal pain the ass has been a good thing over the last few months. I've cut down the podcasting hobby to this show (Mike Dell's World),