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Update and replay of the Bobby Yang Episode – MDW386
May 10, 2023

- Another update from the woods here and a reply of a really cool episode from October 2008. Trust me the music is great! - Check out Bobby's website http://www.bobbyyang.com/ -

Podcasting is NEW again! Podcasting 2.0 and Carnivore Diet – MDW385
February 03, 2023

- I'm super excited about the Podcast 2.0 project and the features we have implemented at my Day Job (Blubrry.com). It feels to me very much like Podcasting felt back in the beginning of podcasting

Quick Test Post
January 27, 2023

quick test

Testing more stuff and Cars again – MDW384
January 24, 2023

Testing some more goodies from Blubrry that will be coming out soon. If you are not on a Modern Podcast App, check out NewPodcastApps.com. I prefer Podverse and Fountian. - I got a new car for Kathy

Travel and Car Drama – MDW-383
September 21, 2022

Just an update about all the travel and some car talk/drama. Driving old cars has it's good points and some bad points. - - This podcast is posted on MikeDell.com Go there and subscribe!

New Toys and a New Podcast – MDW – 382 (repost)
August 21, 2022

Hi! Yes, I have an episode :) - Just a quick update. Yes, I started a new podcast (the Auto History Podcast) and I have some cool plans to make it interesting. Check it out at AutoHistoryPodcast.com

Semi-Annual Update - MDW-381
August 19, 2022

Hi! Yes, I have an episode

Semi-Annual Update – MDW-381
May 15, 2022

What have I been doing for the last 6 months or so? Lots of things. Podcasting on this channel hasn't been one of them, but I'm staying busy. New Camper New Laptop New Ham Radio antenna Gener

Why Traverse City? – MDW380 – #napodpomo21
November 16, 2021

Why do I live in Traverse City? - Lots of reasons! Listen to the show to find out why somebody that could live anywhere chooses to live in Northern Michigan. (Snow and All!) - - This podcast is pos

Podcast Index and Podcasting 2.0 – MDW379 – #napodpomo21
November 15, 2021

The Podcast Index is here to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem. We do this by enabling developers to have access to an open, categorized index that will always be