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Down to 1 podcast – MDW364
October 01, 2021

I talk about the fact that I have killed Podcast Help Desk (again) and am now down to doing 1 podcast (personal) and one podcast (professional). Be sure to check out Podcast Insider (podcastinsider.co

I got to travel! – MDW363
August 18, 2021

First off, I sold my Motor Home, bought a Pickup truck and talked a lot about car stuff.  I'm a poor car guy :)  What can I say.  - Got to go to Podcast Movement in Nashville Tennessee. It was good to

Nostalgia as a Disease and Pot-shopping with Dad – MDW362
June 22, 2021

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?" — C.S. Lewis

April 2021 Update – MDW361
May 06, 2021

I talked about Eye surgery, Glasses, Kitchen remodel, Fast Food, US-31 history, What's up with that, TC area history and the TC State Hospital.

Round and Round He Goes – MDW360
March 22, 2021

I talk about Eye surgery, new kitchen project, new (to me) computer for the ham shack and some "other" stuff.  Going around the circle on this Episode 360 of Mike Dell's World Podcast - This podcast is posted on MikeDell.com Go there and subscribe!

Quickie Update – MDW359
March 10, 2021

Just a quick update to let you know I still exist.    - Also testing out some geeky tech stuff with the feed.  So I hope it works :) - Will have a longer episode this weekend I think.    - Let me know that you got this.  mike@mikedell.com

Audio and Video Podcast Update – MDW358
February 19, 2021

I have a video feed now. It's going to be a "VLOG" type thing. You can subscribe to it separate. They will NOT be the same content. Sometimes it will be video and sometimes it will be audio.

Trip Down Memory Lane – MDW357
January 17, 2021

So, to take your mind off the crazy going on in the world, I play a few podsafe songs and reminisce about the beginning of podcasting. 

Soapbox Fun – Mike Rants a Bit – MDW356
January 10, 2021

I got on my soapbox today about what is going on in the world. 

Goodbye 2020! – MDW355
December 27, 2020

Just a quick update talking about Christmas and traveling.  Possible new car and the fact that 2020 is OVER very soon.  Good deal.