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The Nothingness of Overconnected Lives - MDW 398
February 22, 2024

In this episode of "Mike Dell's World," number 398, titled "The Nothingness of Overconnected Lives," Mike Dell explores the themes of technological simplicity and privacy. The episode was recorded on

Failing NaPodPoMo again – Want to be a Podcast co-host? – MDW397
December 11, 2023

Yup, Failed again. NaPodPoMo has come and gone with me doing a total of 14 episodes. 9 here and 5 on PodcastInsider.com - On another note, I would like to find someone who wants to be a weekly co-ho

World’s Worst Podcast Episode – MDW396
November 09, 2023

Summary: In this episode (#396) of Mike Dell's World, aired on November 9th, 2023, Mike Dell reflects on his previous podcast episode, which he dubs as potentially the world's worst, entirely created

The Role of AI in Podcasting Today – MDW395
November 08, 2023

World 395 for November 8th 2023 - Hello, everyone! Welcome to another episode of Mike Dell's World, where we explore the fascinating corners of technology and its impact on our daily lives. Im your h

Snowfall in Northern Michigan – MDW394
November 07, 2023

Dealing with heavy snowfall during the winter months is a way of life for the residents of Northern Michigan. With an average snowfall that can exceed 100 inches in some areas, the communities have ad

Beagles Rule! – MDW393
November 06, 2023

Just a couple of Beagle Rules memes read out.

A New Time – mdw392
November 05, 2023

Why do we change times 2 times a year? - My Beagles didn't get the memo...

New Podcast Apps – MDW391
November 04, 2023

I just got off a live stream / Podcast episode of Podcasting 2.0 with Adam Curry, Dave Jones and Todd Cochrane (see: https://podcastindex.org/podcast/920666 episode 153 ) - Had a great time with the g

Mike’s Podcasting History – MDW390
November 03, 2023

Today, I mostly talk about podcasting. My history starting this show as the benzoin report and how I got into the podcasting business working for Blubrry podcasting.

Captains log November 2, 2023 – MDW 389
November 02, 2023

This is the second episode of #NaPodPoM0 2023. They talk about my surgery and the expected recovery. There was snow on the ground this morning! I guess it's that time of the year.