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Serving – No Higher Calling
July 21, 2021

How can someone who went to church just to please his wife start having conversations with God about helping people (who live in a landfill) in Nakuru, Kenya? Listen as Dave Hatfield shares his story.

If you could see what I hear
July 14, 2021

Growing up in North and South Dakota simultaneously (yes, it's possible), Rory Hoffman became a member of his family's band at age 5. He has learned to play many instruments over the years, something

Changing Lives
July 07, 2021

You won't hear all of Tony Hoffman's story in this episode, but you will hear enough to want more. His journey from BMXer to addict to prison to the Olympics is one that has led him to become a motiva

We are called to do the right thing
June 30, 2021

You'll have to read his book to get all of the details, but in this episode you'll hear a little about how my friend, Prakash Mathew, ended up at NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota. Prakash had a profound im

Giants Seeds and The Marathon Man
June 23, 2021

You will know more about sunflower seeds than the average person after you listen to this conversation with my friend, Jay Schuler. He has run a marathon on every continent, started numerous companies and gives some great advice for budding entrepreneu...

Hidden History of Fargo and The Fargo Fire of 1893
June 16, 2021

 Even if you are not from Fargo, ND, you will enjoy the entertaining conversation I had with Danielle Tiegen, author of 'The Hidden History of Fargo' and 'The Fargo Fire of 1893.'             Find out more about Danielle and how to purchase her books o...

Passionate about North Dakota
June 09, 2021

 It was such a pleasure to catch up with Ed Schafer and hear what he is focusing on these days. He also reminisces a bit about his time as North Dakota governor and how he decided to run for that office. If you haven't had the opportunity to experience...

Recovery Reinvented
June 02, 2021

I am honored to be joined by the First Lady of North Dakota, Kathryn Burgum. As First Lady, she is working to eliminate the shame and stigma of addiction by sharing her story of recovery. Kathryn wants everyone to know that addiction is a chronic disea...

Wife, Mother and Deployed Twice
May 26, 2021

This week you will meet Shaundra Ziemann - Bolinske, a busy mom who has served her country in the US Army Reserves, deploying twice. Her 'day job' allows her to serve the citizens of Burleigh County as the Family and Community Wellness Agent with NDSU ...

Define the Fight
May 19, 2021

Description: In this episode, you will learn how Mariah Prussia took control and learned to fight for the life she deserved and desired. Her self defense seminars, motivational speaking and personal training are available to anyone and you can learn mo...