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The Mike Church Show-It Was Seven Years Ago Today, TKD Taught Good Men To Say

November 10, 2022
The Mike Church Show-It Was Seven Years Ago Today, TKD Taught Good Men To Say

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Midterm Election 2022 Results 
  • How is it that Florida who was just devastated by a Hurricane count 7.5 million ballots in 5 hours but other states can’t? It wasn’t like this midterm election caught these states off guard.

Gen Z overwhelming (D+28) voted for:

  • Abortion on demand
  • Mutilation of children’s bodies 
  • Weed 
  • LGTBQ+
  • Student loan forgiveness 
  • Lockdowns crushing society 
  • Open borders
  • Casinos/Strip Clubs essential over the Church
  • The left hijacked their minds. We need REVIVAL! 
  • The Trump Family got Roe repealed, not Ron DeSantis.
  • So we need to slow the roll on bashing Donald Trump in social media.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Fox Jesse Watters But single women and voters under 40 have been captured by Democrats. So we need these ladies to get married. And it’s time to fall in love and just settle down. Guys, go put a ring on it.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Fox News MarcThiessenThe midterm results are “a searing indictment of the Republican Party … The Republican Party needs to do a really deep introspection look in the mirror right now because this is an absolute disaster.

Fetterman vs Oz

  • Do you think they really wanted Fetterman?
  • The BIG wigs in the Democrat party will replace him with Dick Levine…mark it.
  • Fetterman will step down due to medical issues and in will come Dick Levine.


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Colorado Adam Frisch vs Lauren Boebert 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on the state of our election process/systemThe state of our election systems is indeed pretty embarrassing, but so honestly were the results of the elections. They are stating they are willing to work through Thanksgiving and Christmas!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on an investigation into him and HunterLots of luck in your senior year, as my coach used to say. I think the American public wants to move on. This is almost comedy. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Donald Trump running againWe have to demonstrate that Trump will not take power if he does run. Making sure he under the legitimate efforts of the Constitution become the next president again.


Jeopardy Question of the Day – Would you be willing to forego the Dobbs decision for a #RedWave?

  • How would you answer the question?
  • Because that is what they are telling you.
  • You either WIN elections or the babies get to live!
  • WHAT KING OF MONSTER would say something like this?
  • The MSM outlets aren’t framing the question correctly.
  • Will you trade Dobbs for never having Nancy holding the gavel?

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HEADLINE: Amazon Makes History After Losing $1 Trillion in Market Value Amid Tech Stock Rout by 

  • The Jeff Bezos-founded company, valued close to $1.88 trillion on July 2021, saw its shares fall 4.3 percent on Wednesday, pushing its market value down to $878 billion. Amazon stock has lost nearly 50 percent of its value this year alone.
  • Amazon reported revenue of $127.1 billion in the third quarter, narrowly missing out on analysts’ forecasts of $127.5 billion, while net income fell to $2.9 billion, or $0.28 per share, down about 9 percent from the third quarter a year prior.
  • The only reason some products are ‘cheaper’ on Amazon is b/c they use child labor.


Caller Joe Beeman in Pennsylvania 

Fetterman vs Dr Oz

  • We didn’t expect the turn out to be what it was.
  • It was ugly, we didn’t expect it to end up that way.
  • This is what Democracy is, it is mob rule.
  • The only obligation you have is to God.
  • The big cities that are riddled with crime are ruling the states.
  • You can’t VOTE your way out of this.
  • We have to rethink our society as a whole.
  • I don’t want to be in league with the people that voted to murder babies up until their moment of birth!
  • There is NO COMMON ground to be found there!


Caller David Simpson in Louisiana 

  • Falling off the ladder story – 
  • I didn’t really fall off so to speak, I jumped before it hit the ground.
  • You can take a step the wrong way and that nerve will shoot up your entire back.
  • Now what about this #RedWave we didn’t see this election?
  • I don’t think this is even politics at this point.
  • Electoral policies – 
  • I actually abstained from voting this election.
  • It is your civic duty – I say bologna – abstention is a vote.
  • If you want to be politically involved go to these LOCAL meetings.

BREAKING NEWS: Lauren Boebert TIED in vote count for Colorado’s 3rd District

Holy Man of Tours

NEW IDEA – I’m Only Catholic – 

Caller Aaron Barker

Conspiracy Theory Radio 

  • Tin foil hat conspiracy theories for about 10 years or so now.
  • I was once crazy and now people around me are saying the same thing!


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