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The Mike Church Show-When The Commies Came For Trump They Came For Us

February 22, 2024
 Red Pill Topics & Headlines

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Adam Westbrook 

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

HEADLINE: Former Outagamie County HR director recorded child pornography at hotel, prosecutors say by Fox 11 News

  • Folks this has got to stop.
  • Laws have to be passed, do not wait for Congress to do this.

Libs of TikTok: The victim of the Anti-Catholic Drag Queen Adam Westbrook who was arrested on child s*x crime charges has been identified as his son who he adopted with his husband who is a teacher. Adam allegedly created child p*rn of his adopted son and distributed it.

  • Adam Westbrook, who previously served as the county’s human resources director, faces four counts of possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child. 
  • He worked in a similar capacity for the city of Sheboygan and CESA-6 in 2022 and 2023, staying in each position for less than a year. Before working in human resources, Westbrook was the city attorney in Neenah.
  • Westbrook also held several paid volunteer positions helping put on musicals in the Menasha and Kaukauna school districts. 
  • These people are really good at evil. 
  • The FBI doesn’t have any problems spying on Catholics that pray at Planned Parenthood sites.
  • Why wouldn’t thy put this much effort into protecting children?









Donald Trump Payment to New York

  • AG Letitia James – she said she would be willing to confiscate his New York buildings.
  • How do you appeal a state judgement if they find against you?
  • They are demanding he put the money up and the interest too.

HEADLINE: Letitia James says she’s prepared to seize Trump’s buildings if he can’t pay his $354M civil fraud fine by Aaron Katersky and Peter Charalambous

  • If you ask me this is a taking.
  • Amendment 8 – excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment clause
  • This has been used by the left for decades.
  • I am assuming the New York Constitution – it has a cruel and unusual punishment clause.
  • Bill of Rights 1791 
  • QUESTION: Why was the 8th Amendment proposed? 
  • ANSWER: The reason it is in there is the same reason, the 3rd Amendment is in there. It is because of what the British did here in the colonies during the war for American Independence. 
  • Here is what was on their minds when they were writing this – they were looking for Jefferson, they were looking for Washington, they went after many of the other Founders – that is what was behind the 8th Amendment.
  • The ones they found, they took everything from them.
  • That is why the 8th Amendment is in the Constitution. 


















Deep State 

  • When the Biden Regime and 5th estate media all began singing from the same hymnal on the journalist Navalny, and sure enough it came true.
  • It is the evil of the American national government. 
  • They locked themselves into a movie theatre and made demands of Putin and what ultimately happened?
  • They killed everyone inside. 

HEADLINE: The Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis: Incapacitants and Chemical Warfare by Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey 

  • These are the details I remember from covering it back then.
  • Come to find out, Navalny is one of those types of people. 
  • He was being funded by an American entity that funds revolutions in other countries.
  • He was doing what he was doing for the express purpose of overthrowing Putin.
  • We’ve heard Regime Change in Russia many many times have we not?
  • National Endowment for Democracy – 
  • What time did they ‘assassinate’ this journalist? 
  • It was the same time they were lobbying for Ukraine money.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Wikileaks on Alexei Navalny YouTube Video Navalny’s popularity                       Run Time: 4:20

  • Mike Benz was on with Tucker Carlson and said the same things.
  • What was Mike Pompeo doing in Israel the other day?
  • What was the IDF celebrating? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Wikileaks on Alexei Navalny YouTube Video US Endowment for Democracy      Run Time: 9:25 

  • Why do we always think we can make other countries better by making them like us?
  • What is so great about our country right now?
  • Women kill their unborn.
  • We have over 10 million illegals that have infiltrated our country.

QUESTION: What is our major sin?


  • If we were really good at nation building, wouldn’t these countries be calling up our government and begging us to ‘make their country great’?


QUESTION: How would a Communist government own the means of production?

ANSWER: Quite simply they would claim it was theirs and they would just take it.

  • There would be no 8th Amendment. 
  • You all know what Eminent Domain is.
  • Our government takes land from farm owners all the time.
  • What are they trying to do to Trump?
  • He don’t pay up, we will take his buildings! – Letitia James
  • This is a big problem in New York.
  • This is Communism. 
  • Legally convicted this man and thy

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Montage of ‘Ceremony’ of Transgender Activist at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Transgender Activists on Transgender Funeral at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York  – I did not dupe the Church. I did not lie, I just didn’t tell you what was between Cecilias legs. After the Pope blessed same-sex marriages, Cardinal Dolan did not, so we are caught in the middle of a war. 

  • Truer words have not been spoken, we are in a war.
  • You are also on the wrong side of this war too Sir.
  • This Heaven place sure is easy to get into is it not?
  • Everyone is in Heaven except Hitler.
  • At the end of the day lets drill down on this.
  • What is really going on here?
  • The once mighty Catholic Church is no longer feared.
  • How long Lord, how long?
  • He said ‘go and sin no more’ but everyone forgets that part.
  • This is what happens when the Catholic church leaves the public square. 
  • This transgender activist cites Pope Francis on blessing same-sex unions.
  • Romans ch 1 vs18-27
  • There is a fix or at least you can address this so this doesn’t happen again.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Rogan w/ Dr Phil on LGBTQ PushThe activist don’t speak for the community at large, they have an agenda and it gets a lot of oxygen on social media platforms. I think there is a social contagion effect, so people jump on the bandwagon. And if it’s for a short period of time but they’ve done things that can’t be reversed, I think that’s really tragic. 

  • The Angels that rebelled when God gage humans ‘free will’. 
  • This transitioning you aren’t transitioning to anything!
  • You are mutilating your body.
  • You don’t become something else just by chopping off your boobs.
  • You are taking something that is currently beautiful and mutilating it.
  • You are turning it into something it wasn’t created to be.
  • There isn’t even a mutation. 
  • It is only mutilation! 


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Caller Luigi from Conneticut 

  • All creatures have free will even the angels.
  • What happens is this – 
  • What was the cause of the fall?
  • They didn’t have the Beatific vision, they were invited like us.
  • Their choice was once and irrevocable. 
  • Most of my friends that are in the work, the Divine Office, there is a special group that is dedicated to drive out demonic infestations of the Church.


Sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. 

The 4 Sins Which Cry to Heaven For Vengeance: 

  1. Willful Murder
  2. The Sin of Sodom
  3. Oppression of the Poor
  4. Defrauding the Laborer of His Wages


AUDIO/VIDEO: Colorado Representative Scott BottomsDemocrats vote a 100% they did not wanna’ put these pedophiles in jail. They defended the pedophiles. This is why it’s so difficult sometimes to do what we do around here. 

  • I want to follow this up b/c I have a few questions here.
  • This rep said ‘dark evil forces’ are at work here.
  • He asked for prayers.
  • They voted 100% down party lines.
  • Democrats all voted no b/c they want to protect the pedophiles over the children.
  • I’m heartened by this on the other hand b/c this is what we want our legislatures to acknowledge this is a holy war.
  • Government like this should not survive.
  • Passing a new law is great and it should reflect the common good.
  • They lose when they are opposed properly.



AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Jamie Raskin on Trump & Russia –  This is Russia, Russia, Russia attempting to help Donald Trump. What is the hoax? The brutal invasion of Ukraine? Is it the death of Navalny? It seems the most likely hoax is Donald Trump.  

  • So Donald Trump is in love w/ Putin now?
  • If he is having relations w/ Putin, then he should be 100% outed. 
  • If Trump is talking to Putin, then tapes should be made. 
  • Produce the evidence or shut up!
  • You are a member of the House of Representatives, you should be above this.
  • What are Putin’s initials? 
  • VP – so does that mean he is Donald Trumps VP already?
  • That is about how silly this whole thing is.

HEADLINE: Cell outage: AT&T is ‘working urgently to restore service’ as more than 70,000 customers lose service in nationwide cell outage – but mobile providers are refusing to reveal cause by Paul Farrell 
  • Over 70,000 customers are now reporting outages on the AT&T network. The cause of the problem has not been revealed.
  • The largest number of issues was reported by AT&T users, which spiked at 31,931 reports at 4:30am before again jumping just before 7:15am to over 51,000.
HEADLINE: Blue Laws for Red Citizens by Victor Davis Hanson 
  • We live in a conviction state.
  • The left is wielding the DOJ for political power.
  • If he loses in the appellate court it will go to the Supreme Court.
  • You do it our way or else!


Shortwave Radio 
  • To get on Shortwave is expensive honestly.
  • Shortwave is a great way to communicate.
  • I know people that have ham radios that have 60ft tall 














Political Correspondent – Mahgdalen Rose

  • Governor Ron DeSantis on Donald Trump’s short list for VP.
  • He doesn’t have to beg for this position.
  • You can hate or love Ron but he is his own political leader.
  • He isn’t a baby in politics.
  • He has a lot longer in politics than Donald age wise.
  • There is a level of desperation that you have to have to be his VP.
  • DeSantis is the best choice for policy for Trump, but it isn’t a great choice for DeSanits long term.
  • Diversity hire/pick – 
  • Lets say Trump gets elected – those 4 years will be vicious towards him.
  • It will be a nightmare.
  • If you are Ron, you want to be president in 2028…just sidestep all of that by simply staying in Florida during this time.
  • Remember when McCain ran he wanted a Democrat VP too.
  • Half the party was threatening to leave him over that.
  • Tulsi Gabbard is not a conservative person.
  • If you put a unity ticket in, you only have to remove Trump and then you will have the Dem running the country again.
  • There isn’t a level of accomplishment there.
  • Libertarians will vote Trump over Biden any day so what does she bring to the table for Trump?
  • Democrats hate her.
  • She grew up in that conservative world but why?
  • The other side is an insane Communist party that want to do whatever they can w/ children, WHY would you want to side w/ them for anything?
  • You can’t have a situation where you disqualify Nikki on affair stuff b/c they are there w/ Kristi Noem too.
  • Speaker Johnson needs to stop being so naive.
  • Nancy gave Jeffries the gavel but she is still running things behind the scenes. 
  • Speaker Mike Johnson just has to say no.
  • A lot of young conservatives are saying they are wanting to make a bigger tent.
  • They bring 2 issues to the table now – killing babies and we must prevent a 2nd Putin Presidency. 
  • Putin has become a ‘get out of jail free card’ for all the Democrat failures.
  • He is easy to blame and Americans have some perverse obsession w/ Russia.

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