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Mike Church's New Christendom Daily

Trump Was A Private Citizen When The Crossfire Hurricaned Him

May 17, 2023

HEADLINE: Donald Trump Was a PRIVATE Citizen When The FBI & Obama Admin Crossfire Hurricaned Him by Mike Church

“When Crossfire Hurricane was launched with what we now know, 0.0 actual evidence, it was nefariously launched by agents and officers of the Federal Gubbmint including President Dear Leader Chairman MaObama, Vice Sonofabitch Biden, then Director of the FBI James Comey, dozens of FBI agents and INjustice Department schemers, an unknow number of Judges on the now corrupted and disgraced FISA Court, well connected hacks at the NYT, WSJ, WaPo and other 5th Estate State Owned Media and by Secretary Killary Clinton who doubled as a candidate. Heaven only knows how many thousands of others in the DNC including U.S. Senators, Congressmen and state Governors. The operation was carried out with a malice one expects to find in sci-fi novels where aliens are executing their plan to enslave or eradicate the human race with exception being, as Ripley said of greed-monger Carter Burke in Aliens. “At least you don’t see them f***ing each other over for a share [of the profits].” We also now know that President Poroschenko of Ukraine and an unknown number of Ukrainian officials also knew. Let’s throw in the MI6 agents who helped sell the Steele Dossier. This makes the scandal, international.”
AND HERE’S the deal breaking, union busting kicker, folks: This was all done to, at the time, private American citizen Donald John Trump of Manhattan, NY. Let this sink in and eat at your soul.
Trump was one of us at that time. His CHILDREN were like our children at the time. His WIFE was like mine or your wife at the time. And these bastards, nay, I believe I slander the good name of many bastards, these strumpets of Moloch conspired and did use, their control of what is supposed to be “government of the people, by the people, for the people” (no, that’s not an endorsement of dishonest Abe). No, this leviathan monster is now a mob that is “for the mob, by the mob and against the people.”

HEADLINE: Durham Report Shows Government’s ‘Misinformation’ Czars Are The First To Believe It by Kylee Griswold 

The Clinton campaign was gifted Maniford. 
They are told just give us a theory about how Trump could do something with Russia and Putin.