Midlife Mastery

Midlife Mastery

Rocking Your Midlife (with Ellen Albertson, Ph.D.)

May 17, 2021

Ever wonder what people who are rocking their midlife do differently? Ellen Albertson, Ph.D. (aka The Midlife Whisperer) shares:

* The connection between food and your mental state (and how to use that to your advantage).
* Reimagining Midlife.
* Dealing with stress.
* Three ways to become more positive.
* Creating and living a second adulthood.

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Episode Transcription
Note: this was transcribed by AI so please excuse any errors or grammatical weirdness in transcription.
Broc:  All right. Well, this is Broc Edwards. And of course the show here is Midlife Mastery. And today we have on Dr. Ellen Albertson and Ellen, I always like to have people, introduce themselves, ’cause they do a better job than I do. I’m not really all that great at introducing people. So what can you tell us? I mean, I know you have a PhD. I know you’re a registered dietician. What, what else do people need to know about you?
Ellen: Well, I just help people at midlife change the trajectory. I think that midlife, it can be the absolute best time of life.
If you really are willing to do some work and make some shifts, if you’re not happy with where you’re at you by training, I’ve been a dietician for 30 years. So I generally help people with their bodies. I’ve been a personal fitness trainer. I help people with their minds, with their psychology and really shifting to a more positive mindset.
I help people with their emotions. I’m a mindful self-compassion teacher as well. I help people with Health people. Spirit. I’m a Reiki master and help people with relationships. So those are kind of the five areas I help people with. And I’ve been kind of doing this work for over a decade. I love coaching. Coaching is all about seeing what makes you tick, what are your strengths?
What’s awesome about you, where do you want to go? And so it’s really, really fun to help people make some major shifts at midlife and really make their next chapter, their best chapter. Well,
Broc: I know on Instagram you go by the handle of the midlife whisperer. So how did you come up with that?  What’s that about?
Ellen: Oh, that’s a great question. So I was at a entrepreneurial women’s network meeting in Texas, where you are, in Frisco. And, you know, I was thinking about my brand. I had been, you know, initially when I started coaching, I’d really been working a lot around dieting, weight loss, helping people with their health and wellbeing.
I’ve been a personal fitness trainer and dietician. Board certified health and wellness coach, but I was getting all midlife women. And as I was working with women,