Midlife Mastery

Midlife Mastery

Networking, Personal Branding, and Career Changes After 50 (with Jennifer McClure)

April 24, 2021

Jennifer McClure, business advisor, speaker, podcaster, and former HR executive, shares how she:

* Networks in a natural way that works, even for those who hate networking
* Approaches personal branding and preparing for a job change, even if you haven’t updated a resume in years
* Made the leap from the corporate world to being successfully self-employed and sharing her expertise at conferences and organizations across the world.

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Episode Transcription
Note: this was transcribed by AI so please excuse any errors or grammatical weirdness in transcription.
 Broc: [00:00:00] All right. So, this is Broc Edwards and Midlife Mastery podcast, and you’re joining us in the, actually the middle of a great conversation. So, we figured we’d better hit record here. And so I’ve got Jennifer McClure and Jennifer, so you’ve, you’ve got kind of a, an awesome life. You, speak, you write, you coach you podcast. I know I’m probably leaving something out. You travel back in the days when we had travel,
Jennifer: [00:00:23] , back in the day,
Broc: [00:00:24] how do you introduce yourself to people? How do you describe yourself?
Jennifer: [00:00:29] It should probably change, but I still identify as professional speaker. You know, for the last 11 years, I celebrated my 11th year in business for myself or with myself or as myself, this last week in February of 2021.
And I was at intend to continue living the dream. As you said, traveling around speaking and doing trainings and teaching and connecting with people. I tend to talk around the topics of strategic leadership personal branding and speaking. So that’s what I love to do now has that radically changed over the last a year, almost a year of.
Not being able to get out on the road and do those things. Sure. But there are still opportunities to do that. And I’m grateful for every one of them.
Broc: [00:01:21] Well, and we can talk about that, that reinvention a little bit. And actually, I wanted to have this conversation with you, Jennifer, for two big reasons. cause I always looked for people who are either that we can learn from who are living an awesome life after 50, or can give good solid advice on, on how to do it. And for me, you fit both of those categories. So, I mean, I think you’ve got the awesome life nailed because on top of everything else you did, I know you’re, you’re.
Well, you’re very active with your horse horses.
Jennifer: [00:01:48] Horses yeah. It’s two,
Broc: [00:01:50] two horses. Yeah.  Always posting great pictures of that and just, just living a good life. And then, and you, you, you are an expert in leadership and personal branding.