The Most Hated F-Word

The Most Hated F-Word

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Episode #64 “Why Your HEALTH is WEALTH”
November 04, 2021

With Sachin Patel | Founder/CEO of The Living Proof Institute | Father BIO: Sachin Patel is a father, husband, philanthropist, functional medicine practise success coach, speaker, author, and pl

Episode #63: “How Decision Science Can Improve Your Financial Well-Being”
October 28, 2021

With Greg Davies | Expert in Applied Behavioural Science | BIO: Globally recognized expert in applied decision science, behavioural finance, and financial wellbeing, as well as a specialist in b

Episode #62 “How to be Richer, Wiser and Happier”
October 21, 2021

With William Green | Author | Journalist BIO: William Green is an author and journalist, Over the last quarter of a century, he has interviewed many of the world’s best investors, exploring in

Episode #61 “Ask: learn the science on how to relate with anyone”
October 14, 2021

By Dan Solin | President at Solin Strategic LLC | Author | Evidence Based Advisor Marketing BIO: Dan Solin is the New York Times bestselling author of the Smartest series of investing books and

Episode #60 “How To Use Psychology to Create Your Money Story”
October 07, 2021

With Dr. Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC®, CFT-I™ | Professor of Practice | Financial Therapist | Researcher | Speaker BIO: Dr. Megan McCoy; is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certi

Episode #59 “Can Any-body find meee. Some Money tooo looove”
September 30, 2021

With Ed Coambs CFP®, LMFT, CFT-I™ | Author | Speaker | Financial Therapist Highlights: How to understand you have an attachment system - usually it's unconsciousHow to understand our origin mone

Episode #58 “Why You Are Not A Rational Investor”
September 23, 2021

With Dr. Daniel Crosby | Chief Behavioural Finance Office | New York Times Best Selling Author BIO: Educated at Brigham Young and Emory Universities, Dr. Daniel Crosby is a psychologist and beha

Episode #56 “What is The Future of Banking and Financial Inclusion?”
September 16, 2021

With Dr. Ryan Clements | Financial Inclusion Researcher | Assistant Professor | Chair in Business Law and Regulation Highlights: Why do we have unbanked and under banked people in Canada?Why it

Episode #56 “Does Money Buy Happiness?”
September 09, 2021

With Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener | Positive Psychologist | Author | Instructor | BIO: Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener is widely known as the “Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology” because his research has

Episode #55 “Do You Have Blueprints for Your Money Life?”
September 02, 2021

With Dr. Preston Cherry Ph.D. | Financial Planner | Researcher | Speaker | Professor | Cool Uncle BIO: Dr. Cherry is the Founder & President of Concurrent Financial Planning, LLC, a comprehensiv