The Most Hated F-Word

The Most Hated F-Word

Episode #56 “What is The Future of Banking and Financial Inclusion?”

September 16, 2021

With Dr. Ryan Clements | Financial Inclusion Researcher | Assistant Professor | Chair in Business Law and Regulation


* Why do we have unbanked and under banked people in Canada?* Why it is our society’s responsibility to focus on financial inclusion* why * The benefits of having a society where everyone receives fair and assessable access to financial institutions* What is the future of open banking?* How can open banking potentially lead to lower banking costs and greater access to financial services?* How open banking can redefine the credit scoring system* How fintech can create fair and accessible financial systems for all demographics* How some fintech companies are violating your online banking agreement


* Dr. Ryan Clements website/research CLICK HERE* Dr. Ryan Clements' paper on Financial Inclusion: Evaluating the Role of Fintech, CLICK HERE