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Method Meets Magic 03 - 18 - 19 Guest- High Performance Coach James Williams
November 26, 2020

Have you ever hit a wall, experienced burn out, or a lack of motivation when moving towards your goals? Then listen to this very special episode of Method Meets Magic Radio with High Performance Coach James Williams! He will share his...

Method Meets Magic 06 - 24 - 19 Guest - Denise Duffield-Thomas
June 24, 2019

Final episode of Method Meets Magic

Method Meets Magic 06-03- 19 Guest - Dani Rocco
June 03, 2019

Transformation Coach Danielle Rocco joins Dan and Jess for today's Method Meets Magic.

Method Meets Magic 05 - 06 - 19 Guest - Kristen Hadeed
May 06, 2019

We are SO excited to have Kristen Hadeed, CEO & Founder of Student Maid & author of "Permission to Screw Up" on Method Meets Magic. Kristen will be talking today about creating an abundant environment in the workspace where...

Method Meets Magic 04 - 29 - 19 Guest -Success Coach, David Neagle
April 29, 2019

Learn how to master your money mindset and create abundance in your life... David is an expert on this topic, I promise you do not want to miss this! Here's a bit more about David & his work: David Neagle is the founder of the...