Messiah Community Radio Talk Show

Messiah Community Radio Talk Show

How Church Planting Leads to Citywide Movements

September 25, 2019

We need a bigger vision for the city.

It's not enough to plant individual churches in isolation from each other. The spiritual need and opportunity of our cities is too big for any one church to meet alone. Pastors Neil Powell and John James contend that to truly transform a city, the gospel compels us to create localized, collaborative church planting movements. They share lessons learned and principles discovered from their experiences leading a successful citywide movement. The more willing we are to collaborate across denominations and networks, the more effectively we will reach our communities—whatever their size—for Jesus.

Come discover what God can do in our cities when we work together.

Neil Powell is founding pastor of City Church Birmingham in England, and also serves as co-director of 2020birmingham, a church planting movement for the city of Birmingham. He is the director of City to City UK and a chair of City to City Europe, an organization that helps local leaders plant churches in their cities.

John James is the lead pastor of Crossway Church in Birmingham, England, and the author of Renewal: Church Revitalization Along The Way of the Cross. A trustee of 2020birmingham, he is part of a coalition of churches with church-planting initiatives in the Birmingham area. He also is a host for the Midlands Ministry Training Course.