Messiah Community Radio Talk Show

Messiah Community Radio Talk Show

Global Voice Acting Academy and Their Rate Guide

August 10, 2019

David Rosenthal is one of the nation's top voice over coaches, as well as the founder of He has 20 years of teaching and voice over coaching experience and has helped many people get their start or further their career in the industry. He is also the Co-Owner of the Global Voice Acting Academy or GVAA.

As an actor, David has been cast on-camera in over 60 national television commercials, including Toyota, Pillsbury, Citibank, Sprint, Enbrel, True Value Hardware, Pizza Hut, and Alka Seltzer. He was also the host of UPN’s Rave Reviews for three years. As a voice over talent, David has over 1000 voice over credits to his name in all areas of the industry, including almost 70 video games. He especially loves to coach character and commercial voice over.

Aside from Voiceover and his photography hobbies, David Toback serves as the Chief Operations Officer for the Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA), managing the day-to-day operations. David joined the team in 2016 after co-creating the GVAA Rate Guide.

Originally a student, he was fortunate enough to be mentored by owner and founder, Cristina Milizia. After needing rate advice and getting resources from Cristina, David created a rate guide that became the inspiration for and genesis of the GVAA Rate Guide. Shortly thereafter, he joined the staff in a finance and operations capacity. Since that time, he’s become an integral part of the organization’s growth and development, and now serves as the Chief Operations Officer managing all business operations of the GVAA.

David found an outlet to use his business and marketing skills to help people learn and pursue their dreams while making a meaningful impact to an ever growing and changing industry. The experiences he’s been afforded and lessons he’s learned in his time at the GVAA have been invaluable to his development as a person and actor and have served to improve his voiceover business. He couldn’t be more grateful and proud.

You can visit the GVAA website at