Messiah Community Radio Talk Show

Messiah Community Radio Talk Show

Joe Loesch – Finding the Melody in Your Voice

July 15, 2019

Joe Loesch is an award winning spoken word producer, voice actor and coach.  Joe has produced over five hundred audiobooks, voiced dozens of national commercial ads, audiobooks, corporate narrations and cartoons for the Disney channel. He produces the Baby Looney Tunes sound-books. Joe teaches voice acting throughout the country with and in Nashville for Alan Dysert's The Actor's School. 

Joe Loesch is the founder and coach of Booth Camp. He teaches all-day intensive workshops in Nashville and around the country. He has over 30 years experience in voice-over, and has been successfully coaching voice over students for more than twenty years.

Joe is a full time professional voice actor, coach, and spoken word producer. He's passionate about the business and has an enthusiastic, positive, and humorous personality which he conveys to all of his students. His love for teaching, combined with his extensive creative writing and VO  career helps his students to develop a broad range of skills.