NOISEXTRA - The noise podcast.

NOISEXTRA - The noise podcast.

Latest Episodes

Psychopathia Ratcatching
June 12, 2024

Greh and Mike sit down for a loose conversation covering many topics including the recent release of "Pyschopathia Sexualis," the movie "Ratcatcher," the new Cleanse tape, recent listening and more. 

Overload & Eroticism Q&A
June 05, 2024

Today is the day all wet dreams come true. Eroticism and Overload are releasing their full length albums as the first two CDs on Initiation Services. This episode is a brief Q and A between the two,

In Conversation with Ike Yard (Stuart Argabright & Michael Diekmann)
May 29, 2024

We found ourselves in the empty dark alleyways of early '80s NYC with Stuart Argabright and Michael Diekmann of the legendary Ike Yard. Stuart and Michael take us through their entire history up to to

In Conversation with Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura)
May 22, 2024

Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy) joins us for an incredible discussion. Iggor provided the perfect DJ set throughout Day 1 of the NWN/Hospital Fest, capturing the spirit of what the fes

Seed Mouth – Over the Head of Persons
May 15, 2024

This week we go “Over the Head of Persons” with Seed Mouth. Greh recently came across a copy of the original cassette, propelling us to dive into this classic 1991 release. Seed Mouth exists in its ow

Audio Drudge #7
May 08, 2024

Its another magazine episode as we take a look at "Audio Drudge" #7. This issue was picked partly for its accessibility, but also because of the Caul tapes that Greh scored in Japan. In addition to C

Various Artists – Bring on the Shits
May 01, 2024

The Connellys scored a copy of "Bring on the Shits" on Bandaged Hand Produce while in Japan thanks to Greh and we wanted to go over this classic 1995 cassette comp for today''s episode. An absolute s

NWN/Hospital Productions Japan Fest
April 24, 2024

We have returned! Back from Japan and full of excitement as we recap our entire time at the NWN/Hospital Productions Japan Fest. From the sets to the atmosphere to the country itself, this is a jam-pa

More Questions? More Answers!
March 29, 2024

We wanted to do one more episode before heading across the ocean, so we answered more listener questions. Japanese noise, Cold Meat Industry, sample gathering and much more are discussed today. For

Questions? Answers!
March 20, 2024

We're back! After a bit of a lapse we return with a packed Listener Q&A episode. We get into special packaging, gear, storing releases, preferred listening styles and so much more. Thank you for your