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Mental Health Comedy

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Alex Herschlag - Frontal Lobe Hoedown
May 26, 2022

Alex is an old friend, a great comedy writer and an Emmy winner for Will & Grace. But on this show; it’s about the frontal lobe, how to connect with it and be aware when we’re offline. We talk about being dads and in fact Jennifer has always said that bei

Wayne Federman - Flight Club
May 20, 2022

With a new HBO Special about the life of George Carlin and The History of Standup out, it’s always great to talk with Wayne about generalized anxiety and how to respond. He’s such a great guest because he’s genuinely interested, somewhat skeptical, wants

Richard Villa - Not So Straight Outta Compton
May 12, 2022

Richard Villa is a comedian and actor whose material is now about his life which has been an emotional rollercoaster. If you grew up selling crack cocaine on the streets of Compton with your dad and family at age 10 or 11, then Richard’s story would be fa

Andy Kindler + J. Elvis Weinstein - Cancel Check-In
April 28, 2022

How great it was to talk with and listen to Andy & Josh! We thought spiraled around cancel culture and a comedian’s job to deal with whatever is going on and find a way in. Andy talks about noticing that when he gets reactive and angry about something he