Mendelssohn on the Hudson

Mendelssohn on the Hudson

Episode 7: Diner (Opus 102, No. 5)

September 30, 2021

187th St. where Pinehurst Ave., Cabrini Blvd., and 187th St. meet

We’re standing near the Paterno Trivium, a “vest-pocket” park that commemorates developer Dr. Charles Paterno, whose buildings helped define this residential neighborhood.

For decades, a diner has stood on the northwest side of Fort Washington & 187th Street. Before it was Vicky’s, it was Angela’s Coffee Shop, before Angela’s, Angelo’s...and Mickey’s before that! With their large portions at fair prices, diners were favorite German Jewish hangouts.

Angie lived on Pinehurst, just south of where we’re standing. Sitting in an adjoining padded booth at Angela’s (no relation), she recounted how performing saved her family.