Mendelssohn on the Hudson

Mendelssohn on the Hudson

Epilogue: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

September 30, 2021

Linden Terrace, Northernmost end of the Stan Michels Promenade in Fort Tryon Park

We’re at the northernmost end of the Promenade, the David Rockefeller Linden Terrace. Up these stairs there’s another spectacular view of the Hudson River and Palisades.

Today Felix Mendelssohn’s music is once again played in Germany, and his statues and reputation have been restored. New listeners can discover, enjoy, and honor his legacy.

The refugees from Hitler’s Germany are almost gone. A local social service agency in 2021 estimated that around 300 remain in the neighborhood. Every day, new arrivals discover this unique neighborhood for themselves, just as the German Jews and their children did. They leave extraordinary stories, most never told, and some passed on to the next generation, which now includes you.

We hope you enjoyed this historical and musical tour in the footsteps of the German Jews of Washington Heights.