Melissa Ramblez

Melissa Ramblez

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The ramble about where the f*** I’ve been
June 18, 2020

I’ve just been lazyyy. But! On today’s episode, I catch you guys up on what’s been happening, some new things I’ve been trying out, along with what I’m watching. So, what have you guys been up to these last two months? See any murder hornets yet?

The ramble about Buzzfeed quizzes
April 16, 2020

We all have our good and bad days andddd I had a bad day recently. So what’s a good way to turn it around? Taking Buzzfeed quizzes!! Things get interesting.

The ramble about whipped coffee
April 10, 2020

Warning: some Tiger King spoilers! Although it’s a short episode this week, I wanted to ramble about some ‘activities’ I’ve been doing during quarantine since the last episode. Whipped coffee, HouseParty, and more. What have you been doing to keep yoursel

The ramble about Epcot
March 26, 2020

Make a drink (or two) and come around the world with me as I talk about the amazing food and drinks at Epcot this year for the Flower and Garden Festival. Heres hoping this will give you some kind of imagination since were all just stuck inside! Happy q