Melanoma Insights for Professionals

Melanoma Insights for Professionals

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Transforming cancer care: Neoadjuvant therapy and trials in melanoma care
June 03, 2024

Neoadjuvant immunotherapy is transforming patient care in the field of melanoma. New research recently presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting is set to change melanoma treatment protocols globally, and likely to have

Current and emerging biomarkers for melanoma care
May 21, 2024

Biomarkers are revolutionising our understanding of melanoma by providing valuable information about a patient's unique tumour characteristics which can help guide clinical decision making.In this podcast, A/Prof Alex Menzies leads a multidisciplinar

Spotlight on mucosal melanoma: Head and neck
April 01, 2024

Mucosal melanoma is a rare and aggressive form of melanoma that arises from the mucous membrane.In this podcast, we focus on mucosal melanoma of the head and neck. Led by A/Prof Sydney Chng, our multidisciplinary experts discuss how it differs from cuta

Dealing with diagnostic uncertainty and borderline pathology
November 28, 2023

Diagnostic uncertainty in the context of cutaneous melanoma can have significant impact on patient care.In this podcast, our multidisciplinary experts, led by Dr Adrian Quek, discuss the challenges faced in classifying melanocytic lesions that fall into

Melanoma: When do I scan?
September 26, 2023

With the advent of effective medical therapies for melanoma, a pertinent question has arisen: When should we scan our patients?In this podcast, our multidisciplinary experts, led by A/Prof Sydney Chng, discuss the balance of whether we should be more ag

When to recommend a sentinel node biopsy in melanoma
July 07, 2023

Sentinel node biopsy (SNB) plays a key role in assessing the prognosis of melanomas.In this fireside chat from our new SNB Training Program (Sentinel Node Biopsy: From guidelines to practice), MIAs Prof Georgina Long AO, Prof John Thompson AO and A/Prof

Neoadjuvant immunotherapy: Revolutionising melanoma treatment
March 13, 2023

Our latest podcast explores the innovative approach of neoadjuvant  immunotherapy - administering checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy before the surgical removal of  melanoma. This promising approach is creating a buzz among multidisciplinary cli

Unravelling lentigo maligna
February 06, 2023

Lentigo maligna a subtype of in situ melanoma presents diagnostic and treatment challenges for clinicians.In this podcast, Dr Michael Rtshiladze leads a multidisciplinary  discussion to unravel our understanding of the pathology, diagnosis and &

Diagnosis and management of uveal melanoma
November 15, 2022

Despite recent advances in management of primary uveal melanoma, more than half of patients develop metastatic disease often with poor outcomes. New therapeutic approaches to metastatic disease are vital.In this podcast, A/Prof Matteo Carlino

Getting the pathology right: Melanoma in General Practice
August 30, 2022

Treating clinicians rely on pathology to help diagnose and stagetheir patient which fundamentally determines the treatment management plan. Therefore, it is incredibly important to get it right in the firstplace.In this engaging podcast aimed at GPs,