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Megan Publishing Services Podcast

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Our New Blog Theme
December 04, 2020

We decided to buy a new blog theme since the previous one was seven years old and the designers had stopped keeping it up to date several years ago, so as WordPress developed, certain key features had ceased to work.

The Rôle of PLR in Internet Marketing
August 01, 2020

The Internet has been around for more than twenty-five years now, but there are still a lot of novice or would-be sales people who don't realise that Internet marketing is basically the same as any other type of marketing,

Herbal Skin Care
July 20, 2020

The topic of skin care is not one of only recent times. Indeed, people have been worrying about it since ancient times, when natural, herbal products were presumably the only means of taking care of the skin.

Massage - International Means to Well-Being
May 24, 2020

Massage is internationally recognised as a means to well-being. Many countries have developed their own styles of massage for mental and physical health.

Home Movie Theatre Systems
May 23, 2020

It will help you set up a home movie theatre system, and it may even help you venture out into a new career. The least that it will do is save you hundreds on professional advice.

The Ghouls of Calle Goya – International
May 18, 2020

Frank and Joy head off to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol for their dream honeymoon, but then they meet the terrifying ghouls of Calle Goya...

Lock-Down Experiences
May 10, 2020

Three things happened  to me in the last 24 hours, which I don't think have anything to do with lock-down or cabin fever, because I don't think I suffer from those conditions. I have always spent a lot of time on my own - since leaving home at eighteen...

Villfarelsen – Misconception
April 07, 2020

En andlig guide, en spöktiger, och en skrämmande mamma!

Luc Wyn – Translator
January 22, 2020

Luc Wyn – the Belgian in Monterey - has given a unique interview on Megan Publishing Services, in which he talks about his life, inspiration and work as a Dutch language translator among other things!

A Night in Annwn – International
January 04, 2020

"A Night in Annwn - International" lists the various translations and appropriate extracts from the Spiritualist novel "A Night in Annwn" about reincarnation