Executives at the Edge

Executives at the Edge

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Secure Networking: Turbocharging Global Strategy
February 02, 2023

Comcasts Bob Victor relates their impressive journey from extending residential triple play to small businesses, to delivering secure network services to both SMBs and very large enterprises with thousands of distributed locations globally. How have tech

SASE Convergence: Civilizing the Wild West of Cybersecurity
January 19, 2023

Fortinets John Maddison delves into the main drivers in the cybersecurity threat landscape today, the complexity theyre creating, and the universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions enterprises need to solve them. Can SASE create an integrated

Experience-Led Transformation: How We Meet Customer Demands
January 05, 2023

ServiceNows Rohit Batra explains how purpose-built workflows can create a common platform for better customer engagement and service management. Can organizations work together to meet common challenges and share the value chain within a connected ecosys

Network as a Service: Putting the Customer in the Driver’s Seat
December 15, 2022

Bell Canadas SVP Jeremy Wubs relays key lessons learned in building a network-as-a-service offering and the value of great customer experiences.  In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Jeremy

In the Industry: The Future is Now
December 01, 2022

MEF President Nan Chen highlights the evolution from Carrier Ethernet to beyond the wide area network and into the realm of connected cloud computing, and how MEFs newest standards and LSO automation APIs are paving the way.  In this Executives at t

Automating Inter-Carrier Ordering: A Transformational Effort
November 22, 2022

Neustars Senior Vice President, John Denemark, explains how Neustar and MEF LSO APIs are helping wholesale carriers to transform manual processes and proprietary APIs to modernize their legacy systems for buying and selling wholesale connectivity access

People-Centric Automation: Integrating the Service Provider Ecosystem
November 10, 2022

Salesforces Senior Director of Product Management, Abhi Sur, details how communication service providers (CSPs) can apply a people-centric lens when developing automation strategies and processes, with the end game of delivering great customer experience

AI on the Edge: Data Served from Bento Boxes
October 27, 2022

Cachengos CEO Ash Young highlights the innovations in data storage with parallel processing that are empowering the deep neural networks required for AI computing and machine learning in the automotive industry and everything else right out on the edgea

Telco Clouds: Putting Virtual Networks to the Test
October 13, 2022

Spirent Communications CTO, Dave Larson, explores how telecom providers are overcoming the technical debt associated with tightly integrated virtual private networks to leverage the clouds virtualized framework.  In this Executives at the Edge podc

The SD-WAN Cake: Cutting Through the Underlay
September 29, 2022

Industry expert Sunil Khandekar highlights SD-WAN’s central role in the shift from bottom-up to top-down software-defined networking. He discusses how service providers can have their automation cake and secure it too by embracing SASE, SSE, and Zer