Measuring Up Podcast

Measuring Up Podcast

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#026: The UK Housing Problem
May 06, 2019

All the usual chit-chat about the day-to-day happenings in a small joinery workshop. We've got a bit more follow-up on the topic of apprenticeships and what it means to be 'time served' in the 21st century.

#025: Alcove Units and Saying ‘No’ to Customers
April 22, 2019

Peter's back to the grind after a bit of well deserved time off in Venice and Andy chats about the alcove install he's been working on. We're also discussing how to say 'no' to customers? What happens when you're asked to do work that you just don't wa...

#024: Are We Joiners, Carpenters or Cabinet Makers?
April 08, 2019

We're chatting about the difference between a cabinet maker, joiner, carpenter and a carpet fitter. On a more serious note, is your business being held back by bureaucracy and constant barriers? Being self employed is hard enough and it seems to be a c...

#023: Inside Baseball
March 25, 2019

OK, we're getting a bit geeky about YouTube today but bear with us. We're chatting about how a single viral video can transform a YouTube channel overnight from a hobby to a job. We're also talking about video editing software and why,

#022: Special Delivery!
March 11, 2019

All sorts in today's show. Andy's MDF story, how accurate do you need to be in woodworking? Vans vs trucks, roof racks, Are trades people allowed to live in new houses? Bigger workshops, Makers Central, phew... AND we're asking the question,

#021: What’s Your Poison??
February 25, 2019

Welcome back to Season 3 of the Measuring Up Podcast! Did you miss us? We missed you all and we especially missed chatting about wood! Today we're discussing the challenges of fitting 2 hours of information in to a 15 minute video and how YouTube is sl...

Episode 020: SketchUp, Fusion 360 and Amazon Reviews
December 31, 2018

Welcome to the last show of Season 2! We're chatting about all sorts today. Andy finally has a new phone so we're chatting a bit about tech. Are Amazon reviews broken? We hear about review scams encountered in the run-up to Christmas.

Episode 019: We’re Not Ready. Merry Christmas 2018!
December 24, 2018

It's Christmas Eve 2018 and the penultimate episode of this season! Peter's had to cut MDF himself like some sort of animal and has even made some proper joints in actual wood. In the run-up to Christmas it's all hands on deck to get customer jobs fini...

Episode 018: Hoarding, MDF & Packaging Projects
December 10, 2018

Hoarding often goes hand-in-hand with woodworking - whether it's tools or materials it's just part of the job. Today we're having a bit of a chat about the implications of hoarding. We also discuss MDF and are asking the question,

Episode 017: Brexit Clickbait… and Joinery Apprenticeships
November 26, 2018

We've had quite a bit of follow-up about the state of joinery education and apprenticeships... and we're not much further forward. Keep the comments coming and we'll get to the bottom of this! There's a new 'Contact' link on the web site.