Maximizing Outcomes

Maximizing Outcomes

Financial Advice For Parents of Children with Special Needs with Judy Herron, CPA (Ep.7)

September 23, 2022

Every child is going to need different quantities of support from their parents.

How can you establish and navigate the support systems that your child requires?

In this episode, Jim McGovern talks with Judy Herron, CPA to discuss her story of raising her son Chaz and how she became proactive in creating his financial future, finding him support systems, and finding the right opportunities for someone who is ‘differently abled’.

Judy discusses:

  • How her work as an experienced CPA impacts small businesses 
  • What impact her son Chaz has had on her professional and personal life
  • What questions she asked herself early on about her disabled son’s future and how they helped curate his financial plan
  • Financial planning tips for parents with disabled children
  • And more


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Start-up or established company, your financial information is essential for managing business performance. It’s always better to be clear on your financial position, and Judith can help you get there. Work with Judith to sharpen your focus on data that makes you an agile decision maker.