Maximizing Outcomes

Maximizing Outcomes

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How To Create A Buy-Sell Agreement (Ep.16)
January 27, 2023

One of the most important documents that a business owner should have is a buy-sell agreement which doesn’t seem to get a whole lot of attention. In this episode, Jim McGovern shares a step-by-step pr

Knowing The Value of Your Business With Jason Early (Ep.15)
January 13, 2023

98% of business owners dont know the value of their business. Yet, most business owners are banking on the sale of their company someday to fund their retirement. In this episode, Jim McGovern talks

Defined Outcome Investing By Using Structured Notes With Jason Barsema (Ep.14)
December 30, 2022

Structured notes have sometimes been perceived as investments for only the rich and wealthy. Now with the competitive marketplace, financial advisors have access to low-cost, accessible structured no

Are You Successful, But Not Fulfilled? With Emily Melious (Ep.13)
December 16, 2022

1 in 3 workers are willing to consider a lower paying job if it was a more fulfilling job. It can be nearly impossible to be fulfilled in your life if you are not fulfilled at work. In this episode,

Debunking Social Security Myths With Elaine Floyd, CFP® (Ep.12)
December 02, 2022

Are you properly claiming your Social Security benefits? Most people dont put enough careful thought into Social Security claims and this mistake can leave you with a reduced retirement income. In th

How to Protect, Grow and Exit Your Company (Ep.11)
November 18, 2022

During the life of a business whether it be a company that is big or small, business owners put in long hours, wear different hats, and are pulled in different directions with no shortage of stress. I

The Fundamentals Of Investing (Ep.10)
November 04, 2022

Do you know what ingredients are in your investment portfolio, the recipe being used and why? Do you know how markets work, the factors that influence your long-term returns, and what to expect out of

Protecting Your Cash Flow (Ep.9)
October 21, 2022

One of the most important financial resources that you have is cash flow. We use cash flow to determine how to spend, save and plan our money for the future. What happens to you when your cash flow s

The Importance Of A Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney with Brooke McMorrow (Ep.8)
October 07, 2022

What would happen to your estate if you were to pass away tomorrow? Do you have a will in place for your family? States such as Pennsylvania cannot guarantee that the spouse of a deceased person will

Financial Advice For Parents of Children with Special Needs with Judy Herron, CPA (Ep.7)
September 23, 2022

Every child is going to need different quantities of support from their parents. How can you establish and navigate the support systems that your child requires? In this episode, Jim McGovern talks wi