Maximize Your Return on Life Podcast

Maximize Your Return on Life Podcast

Linda Harvey – Career Strategist – Helping to Navigate the World of Work

February 05, 2024

Shari talks with Linda about how she became a career strategist, and why she founded Linda L. Harvey Coaching & Career Development. Linda shares how to find your best-fit career path, and offers tips for recent grads and those re-entering the workforce. Linda also discusses how values affect career decisions, and how she maximizes her return on life.

Linda L. Harvey has over 25 years of consulting and career advisory experience in private practice as well as with top-tier MBA programs in Chicago, USA and London, UK.

Linda’s current practice focus is on helping people navigate the world of work whether it’s for their first professional job out of college, a career pivot or re-entry or even for career advancement within a particular industry or organization.

She also works with select industry clients as a thought-partner for Early Career Programming and Leadership Development.

Linda is an active volunteer in workforce development and training with FIGLI (First-Generation Low Income) college students with several local and national non-profits.

In previous roles she has been an HR and Executive Recruiter, Management Consultant, Leadership Coach and Program Director, and an MBA Admissions Officer and Consultant.

Linda has a BS in Psychology from Grinnell College in Iowa and an MBA from Chicago Booth.

She lives in Evanston with her husband of nearly 30 years, Mark, and they have 2 grown children who are “adulting” and launching into their own lives – their son is here in Chicago and their daughter is in Charlottesville, VA.

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