Max Q from Peabody LAUNCHPad

Max Q from Peabody LAUNCHPad

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7. Ana Uribe Law
April 15, 2024

Our guest this month is Ana Uribe Law (MM 21), a musicologist and violinist. After receiving her Masters degree in Musicology from Peabody, Ana is now pursuing her PhD at Florida State University. S

6. Max Q – Steve Crino
March 18, 2024

Our guest for this episode is Steve Crino (DMA 22), a teacher and composer with a deep focus on vocal music. Steves creative portfolio includes two award-winning operas, numerous songs, and choral c

5. Max Q – Ashna Pathan
February 13, 2024

Our guest this month is film, theatre, and games composer Ashna Pathan (BM 22). Currently working as a full-time assistant to the acclaimed composer Mac Quayle in Los Angeles, Ashnas recent projects

4. Max Q – Marie Herrington
January 16, 2024

This time on Max Q we are speaking with Marie Herrington (BM 20, Vocal Performance). A versatile artist, Maries repertoire extends from sound installations, as seen with the Alluvium Ensemble at the

3. Max Q – Allen Branch
November 20, 2023

Max Q this week features drummer, educator, and composer Allen Branch. (BM 22 Jazz Percussion) A multi-instrumental jazz performer, Allen (also known as Aldo) has played at international venues, incl

2. Max Q – Mira Fu-En Huang
October 16, 2023

On Max Q were featuring soprano and arts-administrator Mira Fu-En Huang (MM 22 Historical Performance Voice). Mira masterfully juggles her performance careerhighlighted by roles in operas like Hand

1. Max Q – Andrea Copland
September 19, 2023

This week on Max Q, we spotlight Andrea Copland (MM 19, Oboe & Musicology), a Baltimore-based oboist, music historian, and librarian. Integrating actively performing and gigging with contributions to

9. Max Q – Rush Johnston
May 15, 2023

Max Q this week features dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, and movement researcher Rush Johnston (BFA 22, Dance.) During their time at Peabody Rush received several grants including a Launch Grant fo

8. Max Q – Dmytro Nebesh
April 17, 2023

This episode were interviewing Dmytro Nebesh, who graduated from Peabody with degree in Music for New Media in 2022. Dmytro currently works as a sound designer for Firaxis Games and as a freelance co

7. Max Q – Nathan Cicero
March 13, 2023

Were featuring Nathan Cicero (MM 18, Vocal Accompanying) on Max Q!Since graduating, Nathan has built a career as a freelance collaborator, church musician, and as music staff for numerous opera com