Matt Waldman's RSP Cast

Matt Waldman's RSP Cast

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: A Wide Receiver Show with Matt Harmon, Yahoo!

April 18, 2020

Matt Waldman catches up with Matt Harmon for an hour-long conversation about wide receivers—NFL free agents, favorites, and goofballs as well as the 2020 NFL rookie class.  
I've spent the past two weeks talking about my own work, thanks to several invitations to appear on podcasts.  I also had a tiresome but rewarding educational experience about the state of the sports journalism industry.

So when I happened upon Matt Harmon on Twitter early Friday evening and hit him up for a last-minute invitation to do a podcast, it turned out to be the respite we both needed. It's always great to catch up with Harmon, who does excellent work with his Reception Perception analysis that's available on the Fantasy Footballers site and, of course, his entertaining and insightful fantasy analysis at Yahoo!

This week, we discussed favorite free agent signings, Jerry Jeudy, Ceedee Lamb, Michael Pittman, Denzel Mims, Justin Jefferson, and a few of my thoughts of where some of these options would be drafted (more on Monday when I unveil my only mock draft of the year on the Russ Tucker College Draft podcast).

Matt also shared his favorite receiver of all-time, what he's learned about evaluating wide receiver talent over the years, and why he enjoys the variety of doing silly, light-hearted work with deep-dive analysis. You'll enjoy the conversation almost as much as we did.

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