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Heat And Humidity (MM #4071)
May 15, 2022

It's been downright warm recently here in Nashville. We've experienced both heat and humidity over the last couple of months. I've heard numerous explanations, but I've noticed one thing. I sweat m

Oatmeal And Popcorn (MM #4070)
May 14, 2022

Oatmeal and popcorn aren't foods you'd likely eat in the same meal, but they often are mentioned together. Both foods, when prepared without extras, can help with weight loss. They have lots of fibe

Drive-Thru Etiquette (MM #4069)
May 13, 2022

I can't remember the first time I used a drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant. It was probably at a McDonald's or Wendy's in the late 1970s. So that makes me wonder why drive-thru etiquette h

Spike In Prices (MM #4068)
May 12, 2022

Have you seen the sudden spike in prices this week at the gas station? I filled up last weekend, and prices have already jumped nearly 40 cents this week. And it seems everyone thinks they know the

Same Problems (MM #4067)
May 11, 2022

Over the last few months, I started having problems with my cell phone provider. I'd been with them for 17 years, and I knew the end was near once they told me they were raising my rates again. So I

Best Coffee (MM #4066)
May 10, 2022

Through the years, I've learned one thing about coffee drinkers. Almost every one of them is opinionated. Just ask a java lover what's the best coffee, and they'll tell you. But good luck getting a

Belly Fat (MM #4065)
May 09, 2022

I've talked about it before, but I've struggled with being overweight for years. I have no one to blame but myself. The struggle is real. So, I'm always looking for ways to help lose weight and som

Bad Son (MM #4064)
May 08, 2022

It's Mother's Day, and I'm feeling a bit guilty. I forgot to send my mother a card. Now I realize this isn't a huge sin, but I feel like a bad son. I'll still talk to my mom today, but I forgot to

Spoiled Princess (MM #4063)
May 07, 2022

Like many pet owners, our cat rules the house. I think it's safe to say she's a spoiled princess. She spends most of her time sitting in the window, watching the world pass by. Lately, she's had so

Tough Being A Fan (MM #4062)
May 06, 2022

Almost everyone is a fan of something. People who love sports, music, and politics tend to be the most vocal. But there are some days when it's tough being a fan. But let's be honest, should our ob