Married Millennials

Married Millennials

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Money Is A Thang
February 05, 2019

Justin and Joy discuss embarking on a new decade of life and the challenges married couples face by keeping their money separate. - Elevator Pitch Justin’s 30th Birthday celebration! Learning to accept the person we are and not running f...

January 29, 2019

Justin and Joy discuss the power of stillness and intuition and dive into the latest men’s fashion: weave. - Elevator Pitch The 6th Annual Riley Family dinner. Justin learning to embrace the power of stillness.

Permission Granted
January 22, 2019

Justin and Joy discuss the unseen impact people have on each other and missing out on opportunities by denying ourselves permission to just be us. - Elevator Pitch Reflecting on Dr. King’s legacy and the level of impact we all leave on the ...

Right Now
January 15, 2019

Justin and Joy discuss the importance of finding the power in our own story and accepting the past without blame. - Elevator Pitch Our realization of how young we were when we got engaged and embracing our youth in our 30’s.

January 08, 2019

Justin and Joy discuss the newfound clarity they received during their two-week hiatus and why they will no longer use the hashtag "Relationship Goals" moving forward. - Elevator Pitch The reason(s) behind their two-week hiatus.

Third Wheelin’
December 18, 2018

Justin and Joy discuss the importance of maintaining your friendship independence while in a relationship and the downside of realism. - Elevator Pitch The Riley Christmas production is the most insane and unique celebration.

That Was Unexpected
December 11, 2018

Justin and Joy discuss the value of life not always happening the way it’s “supposed to" and how political and social polarization isn’t solving problems. - Elevator Pitch Comparing how this year was “supposed to be” vs.

Swallow Your Pride
December 04, 2018

Justin and Joy prepare for their upcoming holiday trip to New York and share a powerful lesson about perseverance and understanding. - Elevator Pitch Our first visit to New York during the Christmas season.

Beautiful vs. Hot
November 27, 2018

Justin and Joy recap their Thanksgiving failure and discuss the key differences between beauty and hotness. - Elevator Pitch Our Thanksgiving dinner gone ALL THE WAY WRONG. Joy is trying to create a 6th love language and Justin isn’t fee...

Greece Lightnin’
November 20, 2018

Justin and Joy recap their two-week vacation in Greece. - Elevator Pitch The reason “once in a lifetime” needs to be removed from your vocabulary. ’Tis the season where all employees check out for the rest of the year.