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Dan Nedelko

Practical PPC and AdWords Optimizations : The Marketing Drive ep 18

June 14, 2016

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Managing PPC campaigns on Google AdWords or Bing networks and now Facebook and Twitter is complex. Set it and forget it isn’t going to work in 2016, you’ll burn your budget and reduce your acquisition efforts.

In today’s Marketing Drive we’re talking about 10 AdWords PPC Optimizations we can do right now, today to optimize our budgets and increase conversions.

This episode of The Marketing Drive is great for PPC marketers or for business owners and marketing teams who hire PPC consultants or agencies.

Here’s what you’re going to get in episode 18 of The Marketing Drive:

  1. 10 practical AdWords optimizations you can use right now.
  2. Checking in on your campaigns daily.
  3. Break out your Ad Groups and Keyword Sets to be more targeted and specific by topic.
  4. Create customized landing pages that are flexible enough to update and optimize quickly.
  5. Cross reference your most effective time of day performance and accelerate your campaign during those times.
  6. Go mobile. Run mobile only campaigns and do not blend Desktop and mobile.
  7. Optimize your re-marketing groups. Most remarketing is done very badly, limit, cap and customize the messaging.
  8. Negative Keywords. Use them.
  9. Running in the GDN (Google Display Network) and filtering out the high volume low quality sites that won’t convert.
  10. Set up alerts and automations to notify you when significant events happen.

Let’s talk marketing on the drive into the office. I’ll be covering the latest and greatest marketing, business and start-up tips every day from the road.

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In today’s episode I’m talking about sticking to a Marketing Playbook, executing “on point” in an agile manner and a little bit about what I’m going to be talking about in the Drive every day!

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