Marist Connections

Marist Connections

Marist Fashion

December 07, 2021

Amanda Benton '11 sits down with John Bartlett, the Director of Marist Fashion and two senior students - Zoe Diktas and Rachael Richards - about their time at Marist, the importance of internships, and their work with mPorium and the Silver Needle Runway.

Zoe Diktas' 22 is a senior fashion design student with a double minor in business management and fashion merchandising. She currently has an internship with the intimates team at Victoria’s Secret Pink and has previously interned for RBX Active, The Dots, AnitheLabel, and UNIQLO. Zoe will also have a collection showcased in the Spring 2022 Silver Needle Runway. 

Rachael Richards is a senior fashion merchandising student with a concentration in business and promotion, and a minor in Business Administration. She’s currently a remote E-commerce intern with Modatrova, and has held previous internships with Luxury Optical Holdings and Caravan Stylist Studios. Rachael also recently accepted the position of buying director for Mporium.