Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron

Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron

Latest Episodes

The Eldeen Reaches
June 30, 2020

Keith, Wayne, Kristian, and their new co-host, Imogen Gingell venture into the wilds of the Eldeen Reaches.

Dwarves of the Mror Holds
June 04, 2020

Keith, Wayne, and Kristian delve deep into the Mror Holds to dig into the dwarves.

April 21, 2020

Keith, Wayne, and Kristian explore the culture and identity of Eberron's half-elves.

The Treaty of Thronehold
February 21, 2020

Keith and Kristian examine the Treaty of Thronehold, how it has shaped the continent of Khorvaire, and what effects it can have in your campaign.

Orcs and Half-orcs
January 20, 2020

Keith and Kristian venture to the outer regions of Khorvaire to study the various cultures of orcs and half-orcs.

Eberron: Rising from the Last War
November 15, 2019

Keith, Wayne, and Kristian talk about all of the exciting content and accessories to be released for Eberron and explore Eberron: Rising from the Last War.

October 10, 2019

Keith and Kristian are joined by Don Bassingthwaite, author of The Dragon Below and Legacy of Dhakaan trilogies of Eberron novels, to study the culture and history of the Dar.

Dragon Con 2019 – Panel Topics
September 07, 2019

Keith and Kristian catch up at Dragon Con to discuss Keith's panels.

Dragon Con 2019 – Eberron in Fifth Edition
September 04, 2019

Listen in on Keith's "Eberron in Fifth Edition" panel at Dragon Con 2019 in which he discuss Eberron: Rising from the Last War by Wizards of the Coast and reveals the title of Project Raptor.

KB Presents: Project “Raptor”
July 23, 2019

What is Project "Raptor?" Get all the details–or as many as Keith is willing to share as of this recording–about this newly announced product.