Makers Corner, with Nate and Yannick

Makers Corner, with Nate and Yannick

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Godot, Leocad, and a Fidget Spinner
July 16, 2021

In this last episode before the summer break, Yannick talks about Godot, a game engine that is also a powerfull game editor, capable of building simple 2d platformers, or very complex 3d racing games,

A swiss, an american, and a podcast
July 04, 2021

The guys are back ! After a year of hiatus, Yannick and Nate are back behind the mic, to record a new episode of Makers Corner. Yannick explains that more time means less time go figure -, Nate tal

A garage, a plugin, and a failure
June 20, 2021

In this last episode of the backlog yeah !!! -, recorded a year ago, the guys are joined by Eric Adams, to talk about the OBS NDI plugin, a nifty little plugin that allows a laptop or any computer

Binding posts, power supply, and containers.
June 05, 2021

In this episode, recorded about a year ago, Yannick and Nate are joined by Wayne, host of the now in hiatus Binary Times podcast. They talk about a DIY power supply Wayne built. Then, they switch

All things Tasmota
May 24, 2021

On june 23, 2020, Nate and Yannick were joined by Avery to talk with him about Tasmota, an opensource firmware for ESP 8266 devices. And not just for the bare microcontroller itself, but for a lot of devices, 1971 at the time of writing !

LEGOs, Batteries, and Wooden Desk
June 16, 2020

Today, the guys have a guest ! Mark Murphy, from The Binary Times Audiocast, talks about his build of the LEGO International Space Station. Then, Nate explains how he frankensteind a battery from one

Workbench, Windows, and Pantry
June 09, 2020

In this episode, the guys talk about woodworking. Yannick goes over his initial projects, while Nate tells the story about the replacement of his house windows. He also talks about a hidden slide-out pantry he built for his kitchen.

Holiday Lights, Firmwares, and Spool Holders
May 30, 2020

In this episode, the guys talk about Nates Holiday lights, and how they stopped working due to a failed connector. Then, Yannick reports on his use of WLED and ESPEasy, two awesome firmwares for ESP8

Commodore 64, white hexagons, and pink ghost
May 28, 2020

In this episodes, Nate talks about his refurbishing of a Commodore 64, and Yannick explains or tries to how he build a game for his daughter to teach her to count to 20. He also talks about a tec

Scripting GIMP, LEGO®, and cute cats
April 28, 2020

In this episode, Yannick explains how being lazy drove him to spend half a day scripting GIMP. Then Nate talks about how he uses LeoCAD to design LEGO models. And finally, the guys have a look at the