Make the Grade with Dr. Steven Greene

Make the Grade with Dr. Steven Greene

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Ep. 72 – Note-Taking Effectively: Part Three
July 08, 2020

Do you find yourself feeling confused when taking notes? Do you end up missing out on a lot of information & structure while jotting it down? In this 3rd podcast episode of the Education Review series, Dr. Steven Greene,

Ep. 71 – Studying For Success: Part Two
July 05, 2020

Why is this important? Why do you need to manage information to be successful? Consistency in managing your information will help you keep track of your progress & learn effectively. Watch Part Two of the Education Review series to learn more about how...

Ep. 70 – Take Your Time Back Today: Part 1
July 02, 2020

Stop fussing with time management systems that don’t work for you & get back to simple, effective basics. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies & tactics that help you control your time & not the other way around.

Ep. 69 – Check Your Academic Progress: Are You Where You Want To Be?
June 28, 2020

Feeling unmotivated this summer? Listen to this podcast episode as Dr. Steven Greene, The Success Doctor, discusses the solution to most problems: a plan. You can maximise your education if you make a study plan, make time for it and commit to it.

Ep. 68 – How To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts & Calm Down Feat. Regena Rosa Celeste
June 24, 2020

Do you get nervous & tensed up in the middle of tests? The simple exercises mentioned in this podcast will help you calm down & keep your stress level under control. Regena, The Internal Peace Revolutionist,

Ep. 67 – What Is Your Why?
June 21, 2020

In this podcast episode, Dr. Steven Greene asks an existential question: What is your why? What is your reason behind what you do? If you’re a student, think about what drives you to work hard. Why are you working hard to reach your goals & have succes...

Ep. 66 – Covid-19 Discussion With a Parent Feat. Shari Howard
June 17, 2020

These are scary times. Your students academic future is up in the air.  Should you take action? We’ve never lived through something like this before. Here is part of the series “Conversations with Home Learning Parents”  featuring Shari Howard.

Ep. 65 – The 60 Day Academic Challenge – How To Keep Your Kids Accountable & Motivated This Summer
June 13, 2020

The 60 Day Academic Challenge – How To Keep Your Kids Accountable & Motivated This Summer Are you finding it difficult to keep your kids accountable this summer? Success Doctor Steven Greene discusses a 60 day challenge that can help your kids accelera...

Ep. 64 – The Success Doctor Meets The College Success Professor! feat. Phenix Frazier Badmus
June 13, 2020

The Success Doctor and The College Success Professor join forces to tell you what you need to have a successful semester this fall. Time management, information management and creating a daily success plan are the foundational elements of Dr.

Ep. 63 – Summer Academic Opportunities – What are your options?
June 07, 2020

Summer time is stressful for parents. Kids out of school, & with Coronavirus going on, the future is more uncertain than ever. Here are some options you have for the summer – all discussed in this podcast episode: Academic remediation Academic accelera...