Make Me Try...

Make Me Try...

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006 - PJ Cabrera Makes Me Ride My Bicycle
May 01, 2019

David is joined by Journalism Teacher PJ Cabrera , who recommends riding San Antonio's Mission Trail Bike Path. Check out his students' work at Follow @makemetrypod on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Email the podcast at makemetry.

005 - Cassie Jackson Makes Me Find a Murderer
March 01, 2019

David is joined by Cassie Jackson who has him research a historic murder from his hometown, like her Texas True crime podcast Texas 10-31. They discuss the 1980s murder case of Raymond Lee Stewart from Rockford, IL.   Find Cassie’s Podcast Texas 10-31 on.

004 - Constanza Roeder Makes Me Perform Bedside Music
February 14, 2019

David is joined by Constanza Roeder to try performing Bedside Music in the Oncology unit of Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.   Follow Hearts Need Art on Instagram @heartsneedart. Or visit for more information. Follow @mak.

003 - Thomas Rex Beverly Makes Me Roar Like a Dinosaur
February 01, 2019

David is joined by composer and field recordist Thomas Rex Beverly for a mission to scrape a cactus with a violin bow in order to create an artificial dinosaur roar.  Find Tom online at or on social media @trexbeverly. Follow @makeme.

002 - Rob Saldana Makes Me Eat Pig's Blood and Watch a Movie
January 18, 2019

David is joined by Rob Saldana for a recommendation of Dinuguan, a Filipino pork stew cooked in pig's blood and the Opera Documentary "The Audition" by Susan Froemke. David returns the favor with the recommendation of "Hard Knocks" on HBO. Follow Rob Sa.

001 - Lindsay Hess Makes Me Read a Fantasy Romance
January 04, 2019

David is joined by Lindsay Hess for a recommendation of a great book, A Promise of Fire - Amanda Bouchet, and a quick and fresh salsa recipe. David returns the favor with a recipe for the Winter Fire Margarita.   Follow Lindsay @LindsayLHess on twitter a.