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Magnolia Matters Healthcast

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The Care They Deserve: How to Provide Quality Care for the Elderly
May 01, 2019

As loved ones get older, we don't always know the right thing to do to help them. Marquetta Trice, Director of Home Health and Hospice, explains how to provide quality care for seniors.

Diabetes Can Affect My Eyes, Too?
May 01, 2019

Diabetes can affect your vision. Dr. Jennifer Garrett, ophthalmologist at Garrett Eye Clinic, discusses the eye problems that can result from diabetes.

Think FAST: Symptoms of Strokes and How to Spot Them
February 18, 2019

Time is of the essence at the time of stroke. Dr. Peyton Preece discusses how to spot stroke symptoms.

Mental Health Challenges & Solutions
January 22, 2019

One in five American adults experience mental illness in a given year. Jade Hatcher, Community Education Manager, discusses signs of mental illness and treatments available.

What's Your Type? Types of Diabetes and How to Manage the Disease
December 12, 2018

Understanding diabetes and its impact on the body is the first step to managing it. Carmen Parks explains what a diabetes diagnosis means and how you can manage it.