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Maestro on the Mic

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MOTM #139: How to Price Your Services
September 05, 2019

I get asked quite often what folks should charge for their services, and I wanted to share my two pennies with you and offer up a different opinion than what I see being recommended these days. Yes, please charge enough that you can keep your lights on...

MOTM #138: Stop Doing Shit that Hurts You
August 29, 2019

Does treating pain really have to be that difficult? If it’s mechanical pain, I don’t think so. What is mechanical pain? Acute pain that you experience when you do a specific thing that has a significant physiological etiology. That in mind,

MOTM #137: Would I Choose to Go to PT School Again?
August 22, 2019

Would I choose to go to PT school again? The financial investment, the time commitment, the PT mills, the paperwork, the insurance games, burnout…lots of things to consider. I receive the ‘would you choose to do again' question quite frequently,

MOTM #136: Do You Actually Know What the Problem Is?
August 15, 2019

How can you provide a solution if you don't actually know what the problem is? As providers, helping others is in our DNA. But sometimes this desire to help turns us into broadcasters, and we're spitting out information and solutions to problems that d...

MOTM #135: Pain Science and Pepto Bismol
August 08, 2019

Say what? Yes, there's a perfectly logical connection between the two. I recently dealt with a bout of coughing that not only confirmed my affinity for the pink stuff, but taught me a valuable lesson in pain science. Words matter.

MOTM #134: Three Ways to Improve Your Confidence
August 01, 2019

Confidence is the foundation upon which most if not all of our actions are built. Having confidence does not guarantee that you will succeed, but a lack of confidence can and will undermine every decision you think about making,

MOTM #133: Nobody Wants to be Wrong…Including Your Patients
July 25, 2019

It's human nature. We want to be right, we don't like being called on our sh*t, and when you point something out that opposes what we think, there's a good chance we'll hold on even tighter to our beliefs. So what does this mean for treating patients a...

MOTM #132: Just Keep Posting
July 18, 2019

A very special episode, that is secretly dedicated to a very special friend, and includes a very special call to action at the end. I hope you’ll tune in.  Links & Resources for this Episode: Listen to PTPintcastHashtag: #MaestroShowUpToBlowUp

MOTM #131: The Truth About Passive Income
July 11, 2019

Got both inspired and fired up after listening to Danny Matta's podcast episode about passive income, and decide to do one of my own. Does passive income exist? Is it actually passive? Tune in for my two pennies on the topic and some real talk advice f...

MOTM #130: Your Peers are Not Your Audience
July 04, 2019

We're in the thick of my 7 day Instagram Challenge and when I've asked people what stopped them from posting in the past, the same three answers came up time and time again: Imposter syndrome. I have nothing new to say.