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Maestro on the Mic

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MOTM #411: Digital Bedside Manner
October 03, 2022

Injured my knee today, and not gonna lie I’m pretty distracted by it. But it got me thinking, and I think this is a perfect opportunity to talk about your digital bedside manner. As an in-person provi

MOTM #410: The Holy Trinity of Social Media Success: Luck, Likability, and Expertise
September 29, 2022

We all know that just because you do something doesn’t mean you’ll have unlimited success at that thing. And that’s true for anything in life, but especially trying to get noticed as an online brand.

MOTM #409: How to Get Noticed as a Small Account on Instagram – 5 Tips
September 26, 2022

Yes, I’m dropping another Insta themed episode today, but I can’t help it! Y’all know how much I love Instagram and it gives us so many business lessons. If you have a smaller account and you want to

MOTM #408: My Content Creation Process
September 22, 2022

Wanted to share a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of my creative process: how I come up with and develop ideas, and what platforms I put them on.  Let’s chat. Welcome to Maestro on the Mic, a podc

MOTM #407: Reaching Your Goals: Urgency vs Intensity
September 19, 2022

What’s the difference between urgency and intensity, and which should you focus on while building your biz? One of these concepts is an amazing tool, and the other is a dusty-ass bish that has no plac

MOTM #406: How to Make Selling Feel Less Icky
September 15, 2022

Selling doesn’t have to be icky. If you have a great product that actually helps people (and that they’ve asked for!) you don’t have to worry about being a sleaze. I have a two-fold approach to guilt-

MOTM #405: New Business Venture: Go for Demand or Go for Joy?
September 12, 2022

Y’all know my goal in life is to help you do the thing. But what if you’re deciding between two things: one that brings you a ton of joy and one that has a lot of demand, but you’re just okay with. We

MOTM #404: How to Find Your Signature Offer
September 08, 2022

A little meta episode for ya today (since I’m launching my Instagram Intensive soon

MOTM #403: Finding “Balance” Between Work and Life
September 05, 2022

Balance isn’t a set state, it requires constant attention and adjustment. Think of a handstand—first you have to do too little, then too much, and once you’ve reached the top you don’t just stay still

MOTM #402: Are Instagram Numbers Real?
September 01, 2022

Instagram and TikTok are kind of like a virtual casino. We’re playing with tons of money (views and followers) that probably isn’t even real. What does 1 Million followers even mean if only 1,000 peop