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Maestro on the Mic

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MOTM #336: Bridging the Gap Between Fitness and Healthcare with Dr. Sean Pastuch
November 15, 2021

My guest today is on a mission and I am pumped to get to talk all about it. If, ten years ago, you had asked me if I believed in what I’m about to share with you… I wouldn’t be able to say yes. But th

MOTM #335: Are You Spiraling?
November 11, 2021

I had Emilie Reed stop by a Mafia dinner in October and what she said really spoke out to me. What if instead of looking at life like a closed circle, we viewed it as a spiral? You might be spiralling

MOTM #334: The Reality of Implementing a New System
November 04, 2021

Sustainability should be your business goal, and sometimes that means implementing new systems so you don’t burn yourself out. That might cause you to take a few steps back—in fact you probably will—b

MOTM #333: Have the Courage to Ask with Amanda Schoultz
November 01, 2021

Did something completely different for this episode and for the first time ever brought on a listener of the podcast. You might not know her but you’re definitely going to love her. I’ve said it a bun

MOTM #332: What to Do If Your Success Makes You Feel Guilty
October 28, 2021

It’s not uncommon to feel guilty about your success. I want everyone to have the freedom and the choices I have! But stopping myself from having these good things doesn’t help anyone, doesn’t bring an

MOTM #331: Shine Bright Like A Diamond
October 21, 2021

Dimming your light helps no one. Stank people are always gonna be stank, so why worry about them? Focus instead on the people who already support you. And if you don’t think you have any, I’ll be the

MOTM #330: Creating a Business That Never Goes Out of Business with Jill Coleman
October 18, 2021

The champ is here!!! You know her. You love her. I have to wear a helmet every time I hang out with her. She is an OG in the online business world, mother of the adorable @pipthePomsky, and one of my

MOTM #329: How to Be More Confident When Selling
October 14, 2021

How do you get more confident when selling? You already know I’m not gonna give you the easy answer.  Stop focusing on selling. Focus on making an impact, and when you do, sales will follow. Confidenc

MOTM #328: Overcoming the Fear of Failure
October 07, 2021

Nothing I love more than having conversations with my people, and y’all really bring up some great questions. So how do you overcome the fear of failure, you ask? I see a three part solution. One, ide

MOTM #327: Tips, Tactics, and Stories from the Best Minds in PT with Dr. Tim Reynolds & Dr. Bryan Guzski
October 04, 2021

This week I had not just one, but TWO incredible guests on the podcast to talk about something I’m really, really excited for… Full disclosure: they are here to promote their brand new book, but I thi