The Bathtub Mermaid

The Bathtub Mermaid

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1908.31 – DDOP.31 – La Petite Mort
August 31, 2019

Description: #Audio. #flashfic #BasilandZoe A cheerful story about (the little) death. Excerpt: “I was aware you had… become somewhat absent… but inducing a physical response is not the be-all and end-all of sex, Zoe,

1908.30 – DDOP.30 – Free Falling
August 30, 2019

Description: #Audio. #ShortShort  #Basedonatruestory A trip to a concert is so much more. Excerpt: No, the real reason is that he’s working shifts and she’s working furiously on her novel, and there are four kids and her parents and his parents and chu...

1908.29 – DDOP.29 – Just Desserts
August 29, 2019

Description: #Audio. #ShortShort  #Horror Contains brief explicit language. A road trip has a grisly twist. Excerpt: They kept on driving, stopped at a couple of truck stops for bathroom breaks and gas. And then, just outside Flagstaff,

1908.28 – DDOP.28 – Uneasy Lies the Head
August 28, 2019

Description: #Audio. #Flashfic. #horror  A little girl gets advice from an unusual source. Excerpt: “Except he said that he would ascend to the throne because he’s a boy even though I’m six weeks older,” the little girl announced.

1908.27 – DDOP.27 – Oranges and Anamnesis
August 27, 2019

Description: #Audio. #shortshort  A positive view of what life might look like in 2091. Excerpt: “True enough.” She adjusts her position on the bed, making room for her partner and his tray. “Can you believe a year ago I was yelling at you about water ...

1908.26 – DDOP.26 – Capturing the Catbird
August 26, 2019

Description: #Audio. #Flashfic.  A rare beast is finally found. Excerpt: Lumley stepped closer to the desk. “I was out in the Green Woods over the weekend. It started as a hike. Nuñez, the TA who works for Professor Clardin,

1908.25 – DDOP.25 – Parched
August 25, 2019

Description: #Audio. #Monologue The Scaly Truth of a Suburban Mermaid This episode contains explicit language Excerpt: Ordinary humans are told to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but that’s assuming eight-ounce glasses. Me?

1908.24 – DDOP.24 – Carob and Peppermint
August 24, 2019

Description: #Audio. #Haibun  Flip side of “Carob Drops.” Excerpt: “Still, it makes it difficult to sleep. When I cannot sleep, I like to read, and your mother has mentioned that you, too, like stories, so I have brought you one of my favorites.

1908.23 – DDOP.23 – Cheesecake
August 23, 2019

  Description: #Audio. #shortshort An exercise in 3rd person omniscient storytelling. Excerpt: Claudia looked around. “You’re my last customer,” she said. “Wait a moment.” She left his side and went to lock the doors and flip the signs from OPEN to CLO...

1908.22 – DDOP.22 – Carob Drops
August 22, 2019

Description: #Audio. #Flashfic.  An experiment with #haibun. Excerpt: Similarly, the lightning flashing beyond the glass window is not my only illumination. I have a lantern, a book, a mug of peppermint tea with a lot of honey in it, and,