The Bathtub Mermaid

The Bathtub Mermaid

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TBM-2007.13 – Sonnet #5 (Happy Birthday Patrick Stewart)
July 14, 2020

Description: #audio #shakespeare The Bathtub Mermaid and Friends interpret Shakespeare’s Sonnet #5 Excerpt: But flowers distilled, though they with winter meet, Leese but their show; their substance still lives sweet.

TBM-2006.05 – Swing on A Star
June 05, 2020

Description: #audio. #flashfiction Space mermaids are a thing. Sort of. Excerpt: And we do. Swing from one astral body to another. Play hide and seek inside nebulae. Have incredible games of follow-the-leader through asteroid fields.

TBM-2005.19 – Blood and Bone
May 19, 2020

Description: #audio. #flashfiction Eliza muses while stitching a quilt. Excerpt: But before… before all the mass production that took the soul out of handwork we used needles made from bone. Oh, you modern stitchers will wrinkle your noses and call it ...

TBM-2005.12 – Hope and Keep Busy
May 13, 2020

Description: #audio. #essay The Alcott family in reality and the March family in Little Women Excerpt: The presentation I watched was low tech, but heartfelt. Jan Turnquist sat in a chair and spoke about the way the Alcotts – in reality – and the March...

TBM-2005.04 – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
May 04, 2020

Description: #audio. #essay A piece I wrote last year that was supposed to be a didactic dialogue about gun violence. It’s neither didactic nor a dialogue. Excerpt: Before that day, neither of us even knew his name. Before that day,

TBM-2004.30 – Twirly Girl
April 30, 2020

Description: #Audio. #flashfic #photoprompt Twirling isn’t just for little girls. Excerpt: When she opens her eyes, she thinks she’s become one with the earth, because she can feel the world spinning and see the clouds circling above,

TBM-2004.27 – Recipe for an Easter Eve
April 27, 2020

Description: #Audio. #recipe #covidsmetamorphosis My version of a really simple Neopolitan classic. Excerpt: Always, on Easter Eve, with the kitchen smelling like vinegar, and our fingers stained blue, green, purple, we would make aglio e olio,

TBM-2004.23 – Family Planning
April 23, 2020

Description: #Audio. #flashfiction #covidsmetamorphosis When your partner is a synthetic lifeform, family planning takes on a whole new dimension. Excerpt: “We lost a son,” I corrected. And we had, two years before Elizabeth was born. Our son, Jake,

TBM-2004.20 – One Perfect Sentence?
April 20, 2020

Description: #Audio. #essay #covidsmetamorphosis What determines whether or not a sentence is perfect? Excerpt: Maybe it should have seventeen syllables, all stretched out in a line like Hemingway wrote for warm-ups. “American sentences,

TBM1912.31 – FelicesFiestas07 – Cidre, Ponche & Rompope
January 01, 2020

Description: #Audio. #essay #sliceoflife #holidaysinbajasurmexico The three drinks of Christmas are cidre, ponche, and rompope. Excerpt: Since it’s New Years Eve, it seems appropriate to talk about the three drinks that are used to celebrate Christmas ...