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Episode 11 – Avant Assessment !
January 22, 2018

Wow!  Welcome to episode 11 where we had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with David Bong, CEO and co-founder of Avant Assessment.  We use the STAMP test within Davis School District for many of our students.

Episode 10 – Competency Based Education - Level Up Language Podcast
January 15, 2018

This episode dives in to a state pilot that Davis School District will begin implementing this next school year where World Language students will not advance in to the next level of class based on seat time,

Episode 9 – It’s Data, Don’t Take it Personally - Level Up Language Podcast
December 18, 2017

In this episode we explore the results of IPAs and assessments in general, and talk about the right and wrong way to approach data.

Episode 8 – Anatomy of an IPA - Level Up Language Podcast
December 11, 2017

Join us as we talk about what an Integrated Performance Assessment, or IPA, is and how we have started using them as our district mid and year end assessments.  We’re still figuring things out but what benefits our students is beneficial for us to impl...

Episode 7 – Project Based Language Learning - Level Up Language Podcast
December 04, 2017

For more information on PBLL, please check out the following links: bie.org nflrc.hawaii.edu Also if you have questions speficially for our guests today, Fermin Soriano-Bautista and Ingrid Campos Montero, please email them at: fsorianobautista@dsdmail....

Episode 6 – Split Level Classes, a Strategic Approach - Level Up Language Podcast
November 20, 2017

For episode 6 we will be talking about how we work with classes full of different levels, for example, I teach a class composed of level 3, level 4, year 2 IB ab initio, and AP French speakers.  What do I do, what can we do,

Episode 5 – Building a Strong World Language Department - Level Up Language Podcast
November 13, 2017

Join us as we hear from other departments in Davis School District, a different department here at Clearfield High School, as well as our own.  We try to answer the question of what makes a great department and we’ll hear from a former administrator of...

Episode 4 – Engagement Strategies - Level Up Language Podcast
November 06, 2017

Engagement Strategies by Burt, Lembke, Nance, Wel…

Episode 3 – ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines part 2 - Level Up Language Podcast
October 30, 2017

Delving into the Speaking and Writing sections of…

Episode 2 – ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines part 1 - Level Up Language Podcast
October 26, 2017

Level Up Episode 2 - ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines…