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The Luke Macias Show

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A Conversation with Abraham George
June 12, 2024

Today we discuss the conversation about the Texas GOP caucus censuring the 4 strongest conservative fighters in the legislature. We also sit down with Abraham George about his role as the new chairman

Texas GOP Convention Overview
June 05, 2024

We have an important update on the race for speaker of the Texas House, and we break down all the []

Runoff Election Overview
May 30, 2024

Conservatives notched a ton of victories on election night with a handful of moderates holding on. We break it all down today.

A Conversation With Dan Patrick
May 28, 2024

While at the Texas GOP convention we had the opportunity to sit down with Dan Patrick about all things Texas.

A Barn Burner Week For Texas Conservatives
May 21, 2024

Grassroots candidates are closing with positive messages while the moderates continue with numerous last minute attacks. The Texas GOP []

Uniparty Freakout in the Texas House
May 15, 2024

This week Democrats and liberal Republicans completely lost their mind when conservatives called out Dade Phelan for how he acquiesced to Democrats, who fled Texas in an attempt to try to kill electio

An Interview With Chairman Matt Rinaldi
May 08, 2024

Today, we sit down with Matt Rinaldi and discuss his 3-year tenure as Texas GOP Chair. We also discuss how the Party has been positively reformed, what we need to do in the future, and how we have bec

Debate Highlights in Texas Runoffs
May 01, 2024

Moderate candidates are struggling in their debates. Democrats are also running on their own abortions.

Texas’s Own Radical Clinic
April 24, 2024

Leftists radical from across the nation travel to Texas to come to this crazy clinic in our state. Stephanie []

Texas Runoff Preview
April 17, 2024

Texas Scorecards new documentary was just released. We talk about that and overview a bunch of the runoffs going []