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Energy Transition Solutions

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Episode Energy Recovery Opportunities and Critical Infrastructure with Nate Turner of NLine Energy – Ep 98
June 06, 2023

In this episode our host Joe Batir talks with Nate Turner, President of Thermal Energy at NLine Energy. Here, they talk about back pressure steam turbine energy recovery units and how this is a significant opportunity to decarbonize existing, critical inf

Fast Charging is not about the Charger, it’s about Energy Storage with Patrick Flam of Revterra – Ep 97
May 30, 2023

In this episode, our host, Joe Batir, speaks with Patrick Flam, CFO of Revterra. Patrick explains what fast charging is and how Revterra is trying to make fast charging accessible to all.Topics they cover include: What is fast charging. How fast c

Revolutionizing Industrial Operations through Cloud enabled Prescriptive Maintenance with Pratibha Pillalamarri of AspenTech and David Daines of AWS – Ep 96
May 23, 2023

In this episode our host Joe Batir talks with Pratibha Pillalamarri, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AspenTech and David Daines, Global Alliance Manager at AWS Energy. They discuss industrial manufacturing, some of the inherent challenges, and AspenTe

Talking Geothermal with an Oil and Gas Equipment Provider at the Offshore Technology Conference with Patrick Hanson of Expro – Ep 95
May 16, 2023

In this episode our host Joe Batir talks with Patrick Hanson, Senior Geothermal Development Manager from Expro. Joe and Patrick talk about geothermal energy, Expros experience and role in geothermal energy, and why we are talking about all this at OTC.T

Why is Mitsubishi Helping Build a Hydrogen Hub? With Michael Ducker of Mitsubishi Power Americas – Ep 94
May 09, 2023

In this episode our host, Joe Batir, talks with Michael Ducker, Senior Vice President, Head of Hydrogen Infrastructure at Mitsubishi Power Americas.Topics covered include: What is a Hydrogen Hub. What it takes to build a Hydrogen Hub. Why ACES De

Holistic Solutions are the Best Solutions for Decarbonization with Damian Beauchamp of 8Rivers – Ep 93
May 02, 2023

In this episode, our host Joe Batir talks withDamian Beauchamp, President and Chief Development Officer of 8Rivers. They discuss 8Rivers and their holistic approach to decarbonization.Topics covered include: How decarbonization can be profitable

Are our students ready? Or, How does Geothermal Compare to Oil and Gas? With Kassem Alokla of TAMU SPE – Ep 92
April 25, 2023

In this episode, our host Joe Batir talks withKassem Alokla, President of the Texas A&M SPE Student Chapter and PhD Student. They record a double episode where Kassem asks Joe about the Geothermal Industry and Joe asks Kassem how he feels as a student pr

Waste Methane is a big opportunity, with Matt Watson of EDF – Ep 91
April 18, 2023

In this episode, our host Joe Batir talks withMatt Watson, Vice President of Energy Transition at EDF. They talk about a recent study performed by S&P Global, commissioned by EDF, that quantified waste methane and the potential financial opportunity asso

Seafloor Critical Mineral Mining with Gerard Barron of The Metals Company – Ep 90
April 11, 2023

In this episode, our host Joe Batir talks withGerard Barron, Chairman and CEO of The Metals Company. They discuss deep sea, seafloor mining of critical minerals. Ideas covered: What are these deep sea nodules with critical minerals? How do these nod

Bi-Directional Charging with Dr. Anna Demeo of Fermata Energy – Ep 89
April 04, 2023

In this episode, our host Joe Batir talks withDr. Anna Demeo, Chief Product Officer of Fermata Energy. Joe and Anna talk about: What is bi-directional charging? What have been the primary challenges to bi-directional charging? Just how much power