Lovers on a Mission Podcast

Lovers on a Mission Podcast

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Season 2 Ep. 5 “Tinder Played Cupid”
July 24, 2020

In this episode Cleo’s friends Carrie and Dwayne join us. This couple met on the dating app tinder and you will quickly find out that they were looking for very different things when they ran into each other. This episode is super funny and informative as

The Case of an Entanglement ft. Takiyah
July 15, 2020

This Will, Jada and “Aug” love triangle made headlines and EVERYONE has been talking about it. Cleo’s best friend Takiyah hops on the pod all the way from the Cayman Islands to laugh, joke, and also add serious insight and point of view as we discuss this

RAW Feelings of a Black Man & Black Woman
June 18, 2020

On this episode Cle and Kem keep it Raw and Uncut with their feelings. Touching on their individual perspectives and learning from each other in a healthy but deep and necessary discussion about Black Lives matter, black women feeling unsafe, how to prote

“It’s a Good Time to Talk”
April 10, 2020

We all are being made to sit pretty still during this COVID-19 pandemic. Sitting still can either make you super idle or super motivated. One of the things we feel it should motivate you to do is communicate. Cle and Kem talk about some of the ways they c

“Black Men & Mental Health”
March 20, 2020

It’s the year 2020 and black men are being more encouraged to speak out and address a very taboo topic in our community, which is MENTAL HEALTH. What does the emotional support look like? Is it easy to talk about? Cle and Kem have a very in depth conversa

Episode 13: Protecting Your Mental
May 14, 2019

Mental health has been a taboo topic for a very long time for us of the colored persuasion. More and more however, people are stepping up finding ways to tend to their mental health and keep it in tact in as many ways as possible. In this week’s episode K

Ep.12 “Let Your Boundaries Be Known”
April 19, 2019

As individuals we all have boundaries that we have set to condition others on how to treat us. That doesn’t change when you get in a relationship, or does it? Kem and Cle are discussing ways that they set parameters. All this and more on this week’s episo

Ep.11 “Don’t Bury Your Feelings”
April 13, 2019

When is the last time you’ve let out some emotion? Do you proactively deal with it or do you wait till you’re at boiling point to release it? On today’s episode Kem and Cle have a conversation about finding that balance!

Ep.10 “She’s My Person;He’s My Person”
April 06, 2019

On this week’s episode, Kem and Cle are giving another layer of their relationship; specifically how they knew they were each other’s “person!” They talk about the different attributes of each person that brought them together and indicated to them they w

Episode 9: “Securing Your Insecurities”
March 29, 2019

One of the things that stand true is that we ALL have some type of insecurities. Im not pretty enough, not tall enough, not smart enough, dont have enough money. Its perfectly human to feel these ways, but you shouldnt let it hold you back. Kem and C