Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

Discovering Your Soul Frequency: An Interview with Shanna Lee

December 16, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome. Today I have the privilege and honor of interviewing Shanna Lee. Shanna helps people heal their body and mind, access their inner guidance and create a powerful life with her soul frequency work. She is soulfully dedicated to you and she helps you raise your soul frequency by helping you create the body and life that you want.

Ashley Leavy: So Shanna, thank you so, so much for taking the time to be here today.
Shanna Lee: Thank you. I'm happy to be here. Thanks for having me.
Ashley: I'm really excited about today's interview, because it's not often that I get to chat about something that is completely new to me.

Would you mind starting out by telling all of us a little bit about yourself, your journey and your soul frequency work?
Shanna: Yeah, so when I was a child, I basically had a gift of seeing life in a multi-dimensional way and I had 2 spirit friends who came onto the planet with me. It was like a sitcom, they literally should write a sitcom because my parents, of course, couldn't see them. But I could. And so there were situations where my mother or father would go to sit on the couch and I would say, “You're going to sit on my friend, what are you doing?”
And so that went on for a while until I got to an age where I realized that other people weren't experiencing it. I was able to see them, but nobody else really in my life at the time could see them. I made a conscious decision as a little kid to stop seeing them and have them go away. And for much of my life, I decided that I was going to be normal, whatever normal is.
So, I really looked around and said, “What are other people doing? I want to do that and built a life like that." I was just looking around at what it is to be alive and thinking "What do people deem as successful or happy or wonderful? I'll just emulate that.”

I built a big career and a life and all of a sudden when I checked all the boxes on my list, I was like, “This is it. This is what I was going for.”
I got pregnant around that time. And when I got pregnant with my son, I just had a massive reawakening. It was like everything that was connected to that little girl that I was who kind of gave up on what I could experience. The door just flew open and I really think that my son was the catalyst for that. All of a sudden here I was faced with truth. Just the deep truth of what I was experiencing in life and really not knowing how to cope with it.
I was being led in all of these different ways. I was called to Sedona and to all of these different locations and given the information and I started to really ask and understand why I was being given this information and what value it had. At the beginning, I didn't feel like it had much value. It felt like it was scary and different.

One of the things that I was being shown is the frequency that we resonate on -- our soul frequency.
This is like our energetic fingerprint. I was being shown why this matters and how it gets established, and how we can shift that so that the outer experience in our life changes. I was supposed to teach people that we hear energy frequency or we hear energy vibration and really drill down into the details of who we are as an energetic being and how we're able to shift that over time. Also more on the practical level like, what does this mean for our life? And how do we build a practical three dimensional life, understanding who we are as energy?
Ashley: So tell me...

Was there something specific that triggered this understanding in you when you were going through that big change? Or was it really just that deep soul searching that led you to that discovery?
Shanna: Well, I felt more and more distant for a while in the life I was living. This is typical with a lot of clients and people I know.