Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

Follow Your Bliss: How to Embrace Your Creativity When You’re Multi-Passionate with D’Ana Joi

July 10, 2019

Hey, crystal lovers and welcome! I'm thrilled to be connecting with one of my favorite multi-passionate creatives. This is Joi from Joi-Knows-How.
We've been playing tag on Instagram for a little while, trying to bring you guys this interview and I'm so excited that we actually finally get to sit down and do this today. Joi, thank you so much for being here.
D’Ana Joi: My pleasure. I'm super excited. Thank you.

You're kind of known as the queen of helping people embrace their multi-passionate creativity.

Can you tell us about the work you do and how you inspire others to follow the path that you've created for yourself?

Joi: Sure, I love that. I gladly embrace that title. The Queen of Multi Passionate Creativity. I'm a person who has always had a lot of different creative outlets. From music to writing, photography and everything in between, and for a long time, it just held me back from ever pursuing anything with any level of seriousness because I felt like until I could choose one thing, I wasn't going to be successful because that was the overarching advice I had been hearing or I would tell people what I was interested in. I could tell they would just brush it off like, "Oh, it sounds like another new idea."

It started this negative cycle for me where I really struggled to take myself seriously. I felt like anything I was going to start, I wasn't going to finish so what was the point of even going after anything meaningful? Then one day I woke up and I literally just decided, you know what? I've tried picking one thing and that's not working, what if I just do the opposite? That's when I started my blog. I started my blog as a space to put all of my passions in one place. Rather than choose just one passion, if that makes sense.

Ashley: Absolutely.

I have a few blog posts about crystals because that's one of my passions.

Joi: It started off as space for me to put everything I loved in one place and not feel like I had to choose for the first time. That really created a ripple effect of blogging consistently and seeing that people were enjoying what I was writing. Then moving to Instagram and telling more of my stories there and seeing that people were starting to resonate with the part of my story that was about being multi-passionate and never really knowing how to navigate that.

Once I saw how many people were resonating with that message, literally having breakthroughs, just from me saying the word multi-passionate creative. People are finally realizing, "Wait, there's a word for that and I'm not totally crazy?" I realized that, "Okay, there's a need for this." That's really where all of my content is headed these days. I'm super focused on creating a community around being multi-passionate and creating resources for multi-passionate creatives. Because we generally have a lot of the same struggles. Really doing as much as I can through my content and also through one on one coaching to guide multi passionates to living a life of what I like to call 'creative abundance'.

There's a quote on your website that I absolutely love and I think it really sums all this up, you say, "I believe having multiple passions is a gift, not a burden."

Ashley: That was so powerful for me the first time I read it because people know me for the crystal work that I do. But they might not know that I also love interior design. I love horticulture, gardening and plants, I love so many other things. I also love painting. There are so many things that I think we each want to explore in this life. Especially those of us who are really tapped into our creativity, that expression comes out in so many ways.