Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

Healing Properties of Green Apatite: A Crystal for Connecting with Nature

July 01, 2019

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Green Apatite: "I am delighted by the world around me and take time to pause and appreciate nature."
Common Healing Properties of Green Apatite:

Disintegrates negative energy
Promotes physical healing
Opens the heart chakra after a traumatic situation or experience
Energizes the physical body
Nourishes the spirit
Increases energy and vitality
Aids in the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients (especially calcium and iron)
Balances the body, mind, and spirit
Encourages healthy weight loss
Eases thyroid problems
Promotes peace & tranquility
Enhances your powers of foresight
Stimulates precognitive dreams

Colors: Yellow-Green, transparent crystal.

Associated Chakras: 3rd (Solar Plexus), 4th (Heart)

Zodiac Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Leo

Elements: Earth, Fire

Companion Flowers: Cushion Spurge

Companion Essential Oil: Lime

Companion Stone: Spessartine Garnet

Common Origins: Mexico

Notes: Also known as Asparagus Stone, Green Pyroguanite, Green Kietyogite, Green Fluocollophanite, Green Estramadurite, Green Agustite, or as Asparagolite

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More on the healing properties of Green Apatite:

Apatite is often difficult to identify and is frequently confused with Beryl and other crystals. It comes in many colors which makes it especially deceiving. Apatite is actually a group of minerals containing sever mineral species including the common Fluorapatite (which is the type of this green variety).

If you've been feeling disconnected from the natural world, this crystal makes the perfect companion to help you reestablish your relationship with Mother Nature. Hold this crystal in your hands and go for a walk in the grass (with bare feet is best!), or sit beneath your favorite tree for a quick meditation session.

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