Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

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Using Crystals to Learn About the Tarot Minor Arcana
May 25, 2020

In last week’s post, I shared a simple method for working with your crystals to uncover the deeper energies and meanings of the 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot. This week, we’ll be diving into the remaining 56 cards in the Tarot deck,

Working with Crystals and the Major Arcana of the Tarot
May 19, 2020

Tarot cards are a popular method of divination used for receiving guidance and wisdom from the universe, but they can feel a little intimidating to a beginner (ok...let’s be real...they can feel a bit intimidating even to someone who’d been dabbling in...

Healing Properties of Orange Aventurine: A Crystal for Inner Reflection
May 10, 2020

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Orange Aventurine: "I take a sacred pause to release thoughts that weigh me down, making mental space for new clarity and inner guidance."   -   -   -  

Crystal Grid Recipe for Protection & Shielding
May 05, 2020

Most often when discussing crystals for protection, what comes to mind is carrying crystals with us or wearing them as jewelry. But did you know that you can also use a crystal grid recipe for protection?   -

Healing Properties of Crazy Lace Agate: A Crystal for Removing Attachments
April 28, 2020

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Crazy Lace Agate: "I consciously let go of attachments and I immerse myself in the creative flow that surrounds me."   -   -   -   Common Healing Properties of Crazy Lace Agate: -

Crystals for Karmic Healing: An Interview with Nicholas Pearson
April 21, 2020

Today, I am so excited to be interviewing once again, the amazing Nicholas Pearson. I'm talking to Nicholas today about a book we actually haven't gotten to discuss very much yet, "Crystals for Karmic Healing."   - Nicholas, welcome. How are you?

Healing Properties of Iolite: A Crystal for Direction & Guidance
April 12, 2020

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Iolite: "I allow myself to be guided by the positive energies around me and within me."   -   -   -   Common Healing Properties of Iolite: Aids in providing you with direction and guidance (ph...

Crystal Grids for World Healing: Let’s Make #OneMillionCrystalGrids
April 07, 2020

These are unprecedented times, which have left many of us feeling helpless. It can be difficult trying to figure out what to make of the world health crisis that has been unfolding over the last several months.   -

[NEW VIDEO] A Guided Crystal Meditation for Calm
March 31, 2020

I have found myself in a state of disbelief more than once over the last few weeks. Watching things unfold in the world, I have felt almost every emotion - frustration, disbelief, anxiety, shock, fear, hopelessness. But also acceptance, awe,

Crystals for Healing the Empath Wound: An Interview with Rachael Shaffer
March 09, 2020

Hello and welcome. Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Rachael Shaffer. Rachael is a healing practitioner and the owner of Urban Empath.   -   -   -   At Urban Empath, Rachel specializes in supporting empaths, highly sensitive people,