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sustainable + secondhand fashion ft maryam from infinitely a day dreamer
February 21, 2020

in today’s episode i’m recording with maryam from her blog and instagram @infinitelyadaydreamer! we are talking all things sustainable and good for the earth fashion. maryam is much farther on her journey than me and is sharing a

business, starting a company + branding as a teen ft. ellen
February 07, 2020

in today’s episode i’m recording with ellen! ellen is a teen who runs her own business! i ask her a bunch of questions about being in business as a teen and running your own company as she has a super cool perspective on it all:) check out ellen; @ellawen

girl boss talk ft liv! boys, working with brands & beauty
January 24, 2020

in today’s episode i’m recording with olivia grace! we had an amazing girl talk and talked about boys and all things beauty. then we talked about working with brands because liv knows a ton and i too learned a ton in this episode! go check liv here: https

how to help a bad day
January 17, 2020

in today’s episode i’m going to be talking about how to help a bad day and things to do that will just boost your mood and make your day better! i promise you, try a few of these and you’ll feel so much better:) ig @carlyallisonxo

social media, blogging + engagement ft brooke butler
January 10, 2020

in today’s episode i am recording with brooke from blissfully brooke again! she is a lifestyle and fashion blogger, youtuber and instagrammer and she knows a lot about all of them. we talk about everything from ‘beating’ the instagram algorithm to creatin

how to start off your day
January 03, 2020

in today’s episode i’m talking about my ideal morning routine and how to get motivated in the morning to start your day off right!

our new years resolutions ft. colby isabel
December 27, 2019

in today’s episode i’m joined again with colbs! we each wrote up a list of our new years resolutions and are going to be sharing them in today’s episode! we always go a little off track but i think we had some really good ideas so i hope you enjoy!! check

how to glow up in life
December 20, 2019

in today’s episode i’m talking about growing up! but not in just the superficial way but in every single way! i’m talking about personality, a life glow up, confidence and so so much more. i’m also introducing my new podcast episode outline which i hope y

youtube, high school, photography + life ft. michelle marisol
December 13, 2019

in this weeks episode i’m talking with michelle from the youtube channel michelle marisol all about high school, youtube and photography! this episode it full of advice for being a youtuber in high school, managing your time and photography! check out mic

i’m having a (selfcare) night
December 06, 2019

in today’s episode i’m talking about the concept of having a night in terms of selfcare, relaxing and just taking care of yourself and your life! i share my steps and essentials and talk about why i think it’s good to do! enjoyyy:) ig @carlyallisonxo love