Lori's List: More than travel

Lori's List: More than travel

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October 15, 2015

I have decided to try something new on this blog. All of my articles going forward will be narrated by me. At the top of each page, there will be a media player that you can activate to listen to the whole piece. For those who are hard of seeing or...

Clyde River, Nunavut (Canada)
October 14, 2015

Lori visits a small hamlet in Canada's Arctic and ends up in a race with 8-year old Eric, an Inuit child who only speaks Inuktituk. To read the post and see photos, visit Lori's List (www.LorisList.ca).

What would we do if refugees were huddled outside our door?
October 07, 2015

When the photo of a Syrian boy who washed up drowned on a Turkish beach went viral, people all over the world were forced by emotional shock to finally stop and consider the plight of refugees as they risk their lives to escape conflicts in their...

Saint Marks Summit Trail
October 04, 2015

Lori hikes through Cypress Provincial Park in Vancouver to consider creativity and inspiration. To read the post and see photos, visit Lori's List (www.LorisList.ca).