The Locked, Loaded and Legal Podcast

The Locked, Loaded and Legal Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 6: Practical advice on firearm and accessory purchases.
November 26, 2018

Tips on picking the right gear for your particular needs.

Episode 5: How to avoid becoming a holiday statistic!
November 22, 2018

Some holiday safety tips to keep you from becoming a victim during the crime ridden holiday season!

Episode 4: Don’t believe everything you hear & half of what you see!
November 18, 2018

Demystifying firearms myths and legal legends.

Episode 3: It’s what you don’t know that will get you in trouble.
November 11, 2018

The importance of firearms education and proper training.

Episode 2: Owning a gun is a life altering decision so you better be ready!
November 05, 2018

With great power comes great responsibility.

Episode 1: A call to action to all gun owners!
October 24, 2018

Who we are, what we do and why we’re doing it.